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Europe Day Ahead: New euro zone recession looms

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 02:07

Nov. 14 - Euro zone GDP numbers out tomorrow could see the bloc officially return to recession.

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Strikes sweep across Southern Europe as people take to the streets to protest against austerity. But they -- tomorrow may indicate that there's little chunks of relief anytime soon. Growth numbers due out for the region and they may see the Euro zone officially slip back into recession. The -- full cost to see its economy contract by two tenths of a percent on the course. Even Germany -- getting apparently perilously close -- negative territory with growth seen. Falling to just no point 2% on the course it's early at least may see its economy shrink. A bit less than before. The economy that -- contracting by half of 1%. Aspects of India minus -- point 8% in the previous Forsett. Whatever number as we get tomorrow right cap rate strategist Phil Tyson says the fourth quarter already -- Crucially if you look at some of the forward looking surveys in the in the Euro -- that pointing to bring you contraction. Particularly in the I think in the core. On I think the outlook is looking a lot bleak the bleak Kat and that growth next year and it in the cool you residing. It's gonna be -- in the market expectations generally. Sentiment on France had to be tested by major bond auction tomorrow up to nine billion euros of bonds due on the block in Paris -- maturities ranging from two to ten years. The sale comes as friends she'll show signs of taking higher again offer three we downtrend. Outside the euros and keep an I ounce for UK retail sales those numbers seem lower across the board no surprise perhaps. After this week's numbers show retail prices rising far -- and innings. And Zurich insurance habeas named -- reported earnings tomorrow analysts polled by Reuters CQ three net slumping by 39%. To 756. Million dollars analysts hoping there are no further surprises off Europe's number three insurer said lost month. It was taking a 550. Million dollar write down on -- claims that's also must -- to join us every day at this time for a look at the stories that moved the markets. Imus has problems as far as us.

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Europe Day Ahead: New euro zone recession looms

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 02:07

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