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Market Pulse: Greece deal seen likely, markets cautious

Monday, November 26, 2012 - 04:21

Nov. 26 - Greece is expected to get its next aid tranche. Among the biggest stock decliners are European banks - Barclays shares down as Qatar cashes in on warrants.

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It took them -- That's IMF chief Christine Lagarde this morning in Brussels before meeting with -- on finance ministers yet again. To trying to flush out a deal for debt stricken Greece. A deal is likely but -- -- and profit taking emerged I'm -- even this is today's market pulse. So investors playing it safe today cashing in on some of last week's gains in stocks commodities and peripheral eurozone bonds. Among the biggest decliners today I get a expletives European banking correspondent Steve Slaton Steve Buckley is as the big move today -- lost and I'm 40%. Was driving them. One over 300 million shares in the bank in -- -- morning. It's on behalf of Qatar deputy shareholder. His looks like it will Lexus on some wounds. Which it was gone to under very controversial. Fundraising that that bulky -- into account tonight and it looks like it's always is just taking some profits on. On that investment might just be clear this is that gets out of the juicy steak but doesn't know they had these well and that would tolerate them pondered this very complex -- -- -- done in October 2 bath tonight. -- Michelle holding a pound some sense -- what really. Did you see this thing but I home. Selling these these a woman so cool looking in the -- from the ones we just might. From this fund -- in in October -- athletically -- -- Made about one point seven billion pounds lament on that I think involved he's which. It was a pretty do you ski better time Bob -- we'll -- down somewhat out of it when of investors want willing to step in so. Yet just taking some more now it's time one point seven billion even -- -- -- that touted as. -- moment it is yeah yeah and the other might through investments in the folks wanna actually lost money in their -- investment it was a -- -- we've sought more controversial. -- attached that they they might the money. Just wait until Steve it is someone else still I'm on Buckley's all off. It's a sign that. Topping -- -- best that may have cold cold the top. And it looks to be one off because we knew that they had tricks -- -- once before October 2 that's the first thing so everyone knew it was probably didn't fully gonna happen. The -- except that it that it still long term investors in ninety they were there when holder thank you just below some -- And so it looks like it it is just just -- put itself -- UBS also in the news today I'm shares have done a full percent only 1%. But says that they -- but I find from the US authorities apps you can't vote yes yeah idea for -- is find them must first million pounds. You know significant amount but and it's four -- systems and operational controls round. Trading and and the quick to write about any issues so. Yeah I mean you just want to put this behind it. But confined now now mentally to move on -- two million tons of them alimony to UBS's. It's not a huge for the Swiss regulators who solicited money to hold it -- capsule for that. Operational risks soda -- mobile while we actually that they then ninth hole. More capital in the future. A couple of potential potential drug trading scandals like this. Thought this was going to be the last vote innings and I really they would like to -- -- open as we've seen before again you can never you can never guarantee there won't be long. Okay Steve thank you very much. But onto our shot of the day and today to look at Egyptian stocks. President Mohamed to seize the tree last week which tend privately white and has published an issue because decisions from judicial review. Triggered violent protests in the market trust shares tumbled 10% on Sunday the biggest fall in almost two years and the fifth largest -- in the last 25. Some signs of recovery today although it's been a pretty weak rebound shares up almost 3% which goes the market back above the 5000 month. That's all from us tonight but join us every day Pappas thanks take the pulse of the market. I'm -- we gave up disappointing.

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Market Pulse: Greece deal seen likely, markets cautious

Monday, November 26, 2012 - 04:21

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