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Investment Summit: Bank on U.S. economy - Hermes

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 02:56

Nov. 27 - Saker Nusseibeh, CEO of Hermes Investment Managers, says the underlying strength of the U.S. economy will be one of the major themes that will drive investment in 2013.

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My -- supplements that I'm the Chief Executive Officer had the investments of at least a manager's. And we managed -- at five billion pounds. Yeah. I think equities -- performed better than people anticipate. Two reasons first as I think we're gonna see that's a growth of people think in the United States that's -- be positive and asking to reflect positively on trying to as well. The second reasons I think that people ultimately would look at the equities slightly differently. They provide those equities with high quality strong balance sheets and a strong position in the market place. With a possible Greg stream of dividend payments which more than much inflation so they can begin to be looked at as an inflation match against. Politicians particularly politicians in the west and particularly that they would either. Not understand how dire the situation as to the wrong thing for the right reasons. Or secondly that they would listen to public opinion and to -- I think one has to be still wary of what's going to happen importance -- that's key to understanding the downside risk. I think one has to look very clearly at equities politic which is developed markets. To my mind I can't -- attractive that's the second one. I think one has to look at currencies. We have so far had that one dimensional they with a safe haven position of United States essentially negating the original the currency. There's another currency today which is the relationship the United States and emerging market currencies. Which we have to be -- about. I'm still fall through alliances holding and I think we can probably pulled the slack in the the United States I think is on the recovery and I believe. That wants to go through the fiscal -- negotiations whether we took the mailboxes -- I think relevant we will go through them. With mr. Obama's second time in place to afford to be. -- helpful to those -- -- -- that is going to be beneficial to implement this really beginning to -- -- to remember the United States was having on the population here. Dual -- that the -- -- a regular more than 400 banks of the pool. To remember the Nazis has some of that asset prices of houses to be destroyed unlucky -- and therefore it can begin to recover it has a strong. Manufacturing base particularly in high margin manufacturing to Belgium and -- has -- from. To mom for housing from. The younger population so lots of things on two things being bad at -- it's not in the old days like people said -- one and 2%. I'm pompous and growth in the world greens you respect it. I think we have one have a good. All he has a good -- for investments have you found the right investors to invest for you.

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Investment Summit: Bank on U.S. economy - Hermes

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 02:56

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