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3XSQ: Obama meets corporate chiefs; SAC gets Wells notice

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 03:54

Nov 28 - Chief executives from top U.S. corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Deloitte LLP, and Caterpillar, will meet with President Barack Obama today to discuss U.S. fiscal problems.

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Ahead portrait she hits me the commander energy and life imitating art and packing a punch. Later in the show. The it's -- this Wednesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. President Obama consulting with blank Meyer and Kent now it's not a law firm but the CEOs of Goldman Sachs Yahoo! and Coca-Cola. They're among the corporate -- meeting with the commander in chief today Obama pressing his solutions for the country's fiscal problems. Members of congress from both parties also pushing solutions to the so called fiscal -- issues of spending cuts and tax increases. That threatened to derail the economic recovery unless new deal is reached. Markets hanging on every word stock futures lower all morning stocks open sat down today just by. More potential troubles for hedge fund SAC fourteen billion dollar -- led by -- and Colin. Investors it has received a wells notice from the SEC. Suggesting the government may bring charges against the firm is facing scrutiny after a former employee was charged with illegal insider trading. The latest arrest raises the number of charged former SEC employees to five but Colin has not been accused of any wrong doing. BP also dealing with more headaches related to the US government. The Environmental Protection Agency temporarily suspending it from federal government contracts. The agency citing the British giant giants quote lack of business integrity. Associated with the disastrous 28 and Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Shares of BP closed at 4135. Tuesday. And now down slightly at about 4060 -- Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has been the subject of much scrutiny mostly from hedge fund manager David Einhorn who has famously shorted the stock. But the maker of these coffee pods and his cake pops. For its curing machines now doing just forecast profit well expectations I guess there. Juggling the business fairly well and that shares so offering an early trading though well below their two point well high above 71 box. CNN making it's old news today in the form of our power player of the day. It's Jeff Zucker who sources say it will take over as head of the ratings challenged news network. The one time wonder kid today show executive producer who later ran NBC universal. Will return to his amusement with his work cut out for him. And -- normal Newsnight CNN draws fewer than one million viewers in the US a during prime time. Compared to about two point seven in for Fox News Channel and about one point five million viewers for and that's -- AC. The last gig was helping launch from -- colleague Katie Couric's talk. And finally from power player to power play being. Japanese artist could go broke -- opt out created this -- time robot inspired by the movies toys of his -- It's perhaps the closest you can get to becoming a real life Iron Man from the movies I'd like that. Just hop inside to control arm is raised it up and down and try it at just over six miles per hour. But look at your Christmas list you might want island lists that very rich uncle or go find one. -- creation cost a cool one point three million dollars. Holders optional. That's the latest entry as quick as Wednesday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider. And to -- it ET channel at dot com slash.

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3XSQ: Obama meets corporate chiefs; SAC gets Wells notice

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 03:54

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