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Actually, your boss really is a psycho - Decoder

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 04:27

Nov. 28 - There’s a high chance your boss, or even the likes of Steve Jobs, are high on the psychopath spectrum, says Oxford University psychologist Kevin Dutton.

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I'm Kevin don't. I'm a professor all of psychology. At Oxford University. Written a book called the with a psychopath lessons in life from sites behind and view him. Basically I wrote the book to. Deep bow to me since the general public. Outside especially that there either -- manual plant. And secondly this cycle with the ease and although nothing you -- psychopath. We know. -- I think when we talk about. He thinks people in general -- beat these people in general I think that you know a lot of them are going to be hi all -- -- spectrum. I think those traits of ruthlessness fearlessness. Mental toughness. Focus. Shalom charisma and a lack of conscience and empathy. You know already gonna predispose you to success in -- Steve Jones was with renowned for. He's ruthlessness he's he's come reitsma. He's energy not surprising I would be surprised at all to fund that Steve give. Was pretty high on the psychopathic spectrum if we talking about trading for war in the city. I would say -- snatched yet you've got. Obsessed -- proportion. All psychopathic personalities on the -- for walks. Psychopaths tend to play on now fifty and -- They tell me they tend to -- poll. Our emotional heart strings to push the sympathy vote. I don't psychopathic characteristic. That -- boss might that might -- actually sent off some warning bells. Is the fact that they yet they they tend to take credit. From the people's books a psychopathic policies psychopathic personalities in general Olson ten to the predominantly known statistic. I think the world revolves around them. A very good. Activists say they don't feel emotion in the same way that you -- -- do. They are very good at acting. Emotion it's like a pretzel and change and really to be risk taking he'd have a really -- -- -- In a boring or mundane kill us. In 2011 last year I conduct heat something called the great. British psychopaths. What would turn down to beat the use case smokes like a perfect profession and one. Well the results. Site at least. Really raised some eyebrows number one perhaps no surprises that was CE. Number two. Came out it's the media in particular. TV and -- we will show had no way we both had surgeons. But also -- rather surprising perhaps were the -- which. I think if we were to look at psychopath within field. Probably the most functional psychopath. And I think the -- that the Hollywood film factories ever come up with these gentle. James Bond is an accident -- down functional psychopath I mean he's ruthless these fearless he's mentally tough. He's focused he's cool under pressure. He's charming he's charismatic and we'll have he doesn't have too much conscience he doesn't have too much empathy. When he has to get down to business. If you take psychopathic characteristics options fearlessness. Ruthlessness. Mental focus. Mental toughness. Coolness under pressure. Charm charisma and not -- not lack of empathy and conscience. If you turn all of those dolls up to -- and -- that -- be -- fetching. And then you can overlook this the key is to be able to turn those characteristics. All. When you walked out of the boardroom when you walked out of the coal -- --

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Actually, your boss really is a psycho - Decoder

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 04:27

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