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Market Pulse: UK manufacturing stabilising, problems remain

Monday, December 03, 2012 - 04:13

Dec. 3 - UK manufacturing contraction eases in November, suggesting the sector is stabilising but the underlying picture for the UK economy remains weak says Rob Dobson, Markit senior economist.

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That's an unexpected you came at a fraction PMI 49 point one from November but still below the fifty -- -- it's been stuck since April let's get straight to -- his senior economist rob Dobson. I get to see -- -- -- I'm on the face of it pretty good news -- born but it's not awesome not some looking problems there. But that's the case these figures but that's expected. But could put a not great what do suggesting is you can manufacturing stabilizing. Plus -- of itself who was still seeing companies are posting this -- you order in place that pretty weak. Expo this still -- -- -- -- and still hasn't hit. And job losses they -- opinion accelerated pace again missile system but he's not take the track and what does -- look across the sector's growth doesn't -- to be very very uneven. How much glory as well what we like this who have things to be had to vote grace Acosta sat about these were not skew towards towards -- particular area. And enemies of an all depends when that it now she -- -- producers say puts a very strong Christmas month. Those ends -- its investment goes PG says -- because of the there's still seen -- hopeful that suggests it was still very reliance on consumption. And not so much an investment spending and -- can get -- -- assert that us. Well just first -- have been much focus toward reducing deaths -- -- ship this I think you will continue to effects -- not -- the market's confidence and did not. But again that's there's a silver bullets only things is always good we need grace note to administration is and we've. Until we get bunkers and so statistical where they're gonna come from -- Well hopefully we'll come Monday touching it to talk about we bounce has talked about giving into more exports and Jason Moore is a good thing. And basically just an apple also made to a government spending can be targeted to -- on long to include its prospects things such as infrastructure not type of investment spending. No benefit as investment goes to Jesus as well. You know it's it's so it was that we told him part of mr. -- of course when when the the numbers come out out. Your report sure whose job losses accelerate saying it's seems -- our national level this is a very mixed picture what we what what when we speak to government about. -- and the utility markets and that's how you're -- fifty well let post a financial crisis and tasty set. What was seen now seeing companies reasonable cost cautious outlook -- manufacturing. And that's for that we can employment levels to fight this until demands and -- significantly -- continues to maintain all not cost cautious folks think. -- services Wednesday. I know you can't say much about -- but Europe. He's given me this is a -- -- What -- count in the market expect but not so I can't give any. Hunt along not what the states is very much sharing non factual side this money touching is not going to be -- GDP gross. And keep full and a full -- of citizen to Steve -- unconscious on a consistent basis. -- things -- -- Dobson from market. -- -- shots out all the data -- 350 mining index rising to almost a one month high getting a lift off to says. In commodities companies riders on improving manufacturing dates. Out of China. Box and this is about the index still down almost six -- For the yet as you can see out from match all of that. On this day. Twenty years ago the first text was sent to a mobile phone by an engineer named -- -- for us. Imbued with a festive spirit he texted Merry Christmas to an all it's O nine no one phone. Little -- netted two decades later trillions of tax -- send across the world generating billions. Of pounds. Intrepid. That is it my thanks to rob Dobson from market -- was market pulse. I'm axle problems is right.

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Market Pulse: UK manufacturing stabilising, problems remain

Monday, December 03, 2012 - 04:13

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