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Reuters Asks: Is Mark Carney the man for the job?

Thursday, December 06, 2012 - 02:24

Dec. 6 - Reuters asks financial professionals if they believe Mark Carney has the credentials to succeed Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England.

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-- it's. It's. And it's going to make an excellent governor of the Bank of England. He comes from a disciplined approach to banking not seen in the UK and the Israeli independence of all of the luggage that is taking the Bank of England Diana's -- difficult right yes. -- lost a few years it's been a big tease me just -- and keep us news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing happens is being has -- meaningless. And I think the binding itself sometimes. And it. Signals to the good thing I missed user -- but. Yeah. How to set up -- I think he's a good choice I think to the hype is placing making is still much more difficult because he's raising expectations. I think is a bold choice but mr. Osborne I think he's a good choice by mr. Rose Bowl because I suddenly think some of the other candidates were a little bit. Tainted by the -- scandal that's not to say no blame in any way shape or form but I certainly think the Bank of England doesn't need a bit of a shake up -- needed a bit of a new -- Media -- -- reasonably confident. Bonds to Connie candidature and of course he also comes from an economy weather is excessive. Consumer debt and leverage and those that sentencing. That continues to be something that show was very mindful of -- Canada it's it's it's a phenomenally stable environment as far as Mexicans that Connie didn't predisposed to -- that affects me. Kind of had passed an immensely robust. Banking system. That we could all lemon law. From what they've done and they've they've protected in my mind that market but knew about -- and -- a banking crisis. At the end of it there are a lot of legacy of problems in coming into Loney had come to light after he's left so we can do just that in Canada. At some some time on the truck and that he built to be the housing market. That when it comes to the UK it's a much they get challenged at all. A lot of things to to get it done because you -- and I think when it comes down to its circumstances moved integrity and successful. Because if the deleveraging process comes to an -- -- just -- an office and a bank -- and and again. Consumers and simple to borrow -- he will be deemed a success books if we don't get it -- that deleveraging process in the French you know he will not in this successful than that than anybody else.

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Reuters Asks: Is Mark Carney the man for the job?

Thursday, December 06, 2012 - 02:24

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