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3XSQ: McDonald's sales rebound in November

Monday, December 10, 2012 - 04:23

Dec 10 - McDonald's global sales at established restaurants rebounded in November after suffering their first monthly drop in 9 years in October.

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Ahead McDonald brings home the bacon and I think it suits up for -- we'll sit down. We'll explain a bit later. Pacific -- -- this Monday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. -- -- get a break today global sales -- established restaurants -- rebounding in November after suffering their first monthly drop in nine years October. The 2.4 percent gain far exceeding expectations. Still the US locations were even better. McDonald attributing the improvement in the US to the popularity of its breakfast and it's limited time cheddar bacon -- and -- and if they. -- the Dow component heading higher in early trading. -- NBC agreed to play on the same team and the company to integrate and promote each other sports contents. The -- maintains web sites in newsrooms but will collaborate on big sports stories and some videos. Yahoo! already announced a content sharing deal with CNBC. In June shares of Internet -- trading at a four year high. Another media company in play the New York Times reporting Mike Bloomberg is considering adding that Financial Times group to his business empire. A purchase would include the salmon page paper as well as half interest in the economist but first parent company Pearson would have to put up for sale. Speculation is swirling it may as two top executives get ready to leave the company. Analysts value the Financial Times group at about one point two billion. Well within the reach of Bloomberg's company which last year had revenue of seven point six billion. The future of the FC and -- not the only subject of speculation in Europe are Nigel Stephenson joins us from London. Like it lots of talk about Mario Monti the leadership that Italy what is going on there. -- -- -- -- yes the Italian stock market -- -- any -- this morning in reaction to the news that prime minister -- -- will step down earlier than expected. But it really does depend on how you read this one -- move came off the Silvio Berlusconi said he would run for office again. As you may know Berlusconi owns enough that the Italian media to get him a real boost so Monty could run for office himself. All it better Scotty is defeated he could be off to form another coalition to continue with the reforms that easily badly needs. Opinion polls suggest that the moment Berlusconi would be beaten by the Centre left Democratic Party that but candidly keep us on the he's already committed to Montes reforms so maybe the scene of the election comes the stronger. -- kind of Mario multi these. But I don't want you wasn't even in Italy today for at least part of the -- that right. Obstinate right he himself was not in -- much -- they've -- in the Norwegian capital also along with other EU leaders that he was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Fittingly for an execution with no single leader. The EU sent three of its presence will critics say the use is undeserving of the time of economic crisis and Britain's David Cameron -- them away with. Okay hyped -- from London thank you so much. Our power player of the day like David Cameron just mentioned also the British to -- -- double 07 Daniel Craig. Good James Bond. I thought McCain can picture I put dignity of all time over the weekend with 918. Million dollars in ticket sales worldwide. Unadjusted for inflation that's more than likely to kill movie maker and tomorrow never dies combined. I -- taking an eleven million at the US and Canadian thought this weekend to finish first in its fifth week of release. And finally naked sadness. -- just -- saying. Well it's half true as fun loving spoke to Budapest stripped from the waist up a break charity Santa run. -- fell below freezing but that didn't stop over 100 men and women from. Ripping down to their TVs -- swimsuits. And sing sing -- along the way. That is the latest -- three times where it is Monday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider in check out a way YouTube channel. At weather dot com slash Reuters TV. I'm -- -- part this is right.

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3XSQ: McDonald's sales rebound in November

Monday, December 10, 2012 - 04:23

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