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Europe Day Ahead: Finmins huddle, Zara zooms, Fed looms

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 02:52

Dec. 11 - Finance ministers try again for a banking union deal, Inditex looks set to buck Spanish blues with bumper earnings, and the world waits for word from the Fed.

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Political turmoil and it's a -- a record breaking fine but you don't biggest buying it. On results and still make -- testing -- that even the ball skulls disastrous. But it all adds up to another update for you to peace talks with benchmark indices nuggets -- eighteen month highs and that's an unexpected city W index fingers the big driver today with the economists now hoping that Germany will avoid that you section. Eurozone finance ministers holding yet another get together and Brussels tomorrow top of the agenda again. Is banking union agreements unlikely to prove any easier than it did last week though. Minnesota also discussed Greece's bond buyback program on May also formally approved the country's next bailout. He sent to sell about of T goes to tide it over in the meantime and this comes as the ten year yields fall to -- 15%. Still son's high about some lowest since April last year in the psychologically important 10% market is now in Butte. Most of dates up to that I fought so -- as well you know is on industrial production for October seemed rebounding after slumping to the -- percent the month before. Final inflation data from Germany and France also ice palace expected to see our annual inflation easing to one point 8%. German inflation holding steady at one point 9% but prices are expected to fall on the month. Tomorrow's dates out of Germany may be even more closely watched than usual some analysts say slowdown in the Euro zone's -- economies -- noted. Do you think what it. We've seen. John in the German Economy really starts to slow down and we've seen other countries that haven't been affected like for example. The Netherlands I'm starts slow down it's also I think that's probably the immediate can sun is just. Five that contraction of that -- the wider economy in the resigned because the difficulties we've seen for Greece and Spain in recent years. UK jobs numbers due out tomorrow to economists polled by relatives expects in the claimant -- to rise by 7000. With unemployment rate steady at seven point 8%. Some caution in the forecast go off the months of surprisingly robust labor market dates up. Under on the corporate -- the cut -- numbers from and detects the world's biggest clothing retailer seen posting a 26%. Jump -- nine month net profit. But not may not be enough to propel the stock much -- And detect shares up about 6050%. So far this year and tennis we saw analysts seem to stop nine -- priced to -- The buying a twelve month target of 105 euros for the stock. That's what's happening tomorrow and you don't. Of course in the United States to get the latest policy decision from the feds. Economists expect the central banks extend -- tree program into the new idea of continuing to buy eight to five billion dollars worth of securities on month. That's all from us and I'm I'm Jamie media but this avoids.

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Europe Day Ahead: Finmins huddle, Zara zooms, Fed looms

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 02:52

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