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3XSQ: 3M, Dupont outlooks suggest growing economy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 04:11

Dec 12 - 3M expects profit to rise about 8 percent next year as the U.S. economy continues its slow recovery; Dupont boosts 2012 outlook.

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I had more optimism about corporate America to end. Something to spice up your day later in the show. That's three Times -- this Wednesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York more signs of us. Stay US economic recovery. Three and expecting profits to rise about 8% next year roughly in line with forecasts. The diversified manufacturer updating its outlook while -- boosted its forecast for this year after slashing its forecast in October. It also announced a one billion dollar share buy back. -- the shares of the Dow components now. They are up slightly to DuPont up over 2% and down every tick. The head of another Dow component even more enthusiastic about the country's growth prospects. If Washington cooperates. Making him our power player today. It's Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase -- say the US could have a quote booming economy and a couple of months in the deal is reached on at this clip. Diamond say business expenditures have dropped and consumers haven't taken action as they awaited agreement. He also expressed support for immigration reform and fracking as part of a wide ranging interview and New York Times event. I'm also weighed in on the work Wall Street has to do is saying banks have to earn back that trust they lost. Consumers haven't earned much trust with the retail analyst they are saying they plan to spend the same or less this holiday season. According to a new players it's -- poll. Analysts say they always make that claim and end up spending more. A death is still have holiday shopping left to do only 16%. Saying they're done at this point. One plays they appeared to be spending money is Costco warehouse club at 830% rise in quarterly profit. Sales rose nearly 10%. It also benefited from higher membership fees. Shares trading at 2012 high above -- share reached earlier this month. And now a message from on high -- no more than 140 characters. After weeks of anticipation. Pope Benedict waved his getting her -- -- to his pearls of wisdom from Twitter account act on -- But something went wrong. It seems the Pope who still -- speeches by hand too hard. Entered archbishop from the Vatican's communications department who offered lighter touch and off between. The pope's message quote friends I am pleased to get through Twitter thank you for your response. I bless you all knew from my heart. The Pope followed up with two more tweets in response to those posing questions to his holiness. Hash tag ask effects reports say aides are the ones who said. And finally from -- a girl to girl power. Other musical based on -- of this -- girls yes The Spice Girls opened last night and landed. And by all appearances appear to be something audience merely merely wanted. All finally members of the group who were on hand for a beautiful wherever including Victoria Beckham once that is hot site. We'll -- because that David Beckham and kids. They show -- being not a teenager who along with her friends -- in a statement at TPC content closely resembling the X-Factor. The Spice Girls took the stage at the end of -- -- -- a standing. Base it. That is the latest -- three times this Wednesday you can follow us on Twitter at -- inside there and check yet I would YouTube channel Atlantic dot com. Flash players TV. I'm Lisa -- cards this is way.

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3XSQ: 3M, Dupont outlooks suggest growing economy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 04:11

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