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Brain scans could uncover psychopaths, say researchers

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 03:17

Dec. 17 - The brains of psychopaths are different to those of normal people, according to a growing body of evidence being studied by neuroscientists. In the wake of last Friday's school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, speculation mounts about the mental state of the gunman, Adam Lanza, and although little is known at this stage, scientists say it may be possible in the future to identify potential murderers through structural abnormalities in their brain. Jim Drury reports.

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The often often not like US schools slaying and the small Connecticut towns such responses about how it could've happened. No one knows what drove at a glance it's -- killed 26 people including twenty children and his -- mop up -- mental illness might prove to be a factor. According to nearest scientists clues -- line destruction he's -- They say that studies of MRI scans of the brains of violence criminals show structural abnormalities that have not found in the brains of normal people. James Fallon from the University of California it says scans show -- big cortex on the function in the price of psychopaths. Melinda cortex -- means emotional control and emotional. Like that you have. And that is not so much out here. This is more forward thinking cognition hold cognition rational thought this stuff appear. The stock -- too deep in in quite cold is this orbital cortex of the orbital cortex -- means -- sort of bump behind. Violence has scans show psychopaths Bryant had very patient the same characteristics. They all have the same underlying pattern which is -- a major loss of function to the orbital cortex right about the guys into the from the temple this whole Linda promotional cortex. That's shaped like -- -- in the brain and I noticed it was at all hopes of someone only had that big image. And all of those that I looked they turn out to be psychopaths. Across the Atlantic -- such as King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry. Have conducted similar studies. The results psychopaths have significantly next right -- -- and to area hospitals free until closings and temple polls the normal price. This is old gray matter. So this is just picking winners and losers that are statistically particularly reduced. In the -- group. And the areas in dark green on those in which there's hardly significant green mountain evil wolves. In the sun group. Forensic psychiatrist not a black quote says the child that cycle paths can be crucial. The studies that I've been done -- -- you can't help some emotional children aren't -- -- tank and -- -- we can show brain differences that we as yet don't know whether predictive power of those differences. To somewhere if -- extreme -- with quite a bit to agreements -- won't you walls of anyone's most like it's going to young adults like for example. Thinking so a couple feet of brain function price the prospect of more can assault unit defense insanity. James Holmes allegedly shot dead twelve people including the Shiites at a Colorado student on July. Report suggests his defense team may -- a not guilty plea by reason of insanity. In the case of Norwegian muscular and this Friday sentenced to preventive detention -- 77 people. Court appointed psychiatric teams reached opposite conclusions about his mental health. It's black with believes that within a decade studies like these may be used to print the diminished responsibility. Psychopathic criminals. Although -- the people that Newtown Connecticut a -- of what's happened on Friday the fourteenth of December is likely to India for much longer.

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Brain scans could uncover psychopaths, say researchers

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 03:17

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