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3XSQ: Investors stand by Apple despite another smack down

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 04:03

Dec. 18 - Apple shares were up 1% at the open despite a U.S. judge denying the tech giant's request for a permanent injunction against Samsung Electronics' smartphones.

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Ahead apple gets smacked down again and would you go for this guy for president. Later this that. Welcome to three -- -- this Tuesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. It's tough when you're the biggest kid on the block and you can't get your way. A judge has turned down a request by apple to bans certain Samsung phones are being sold in the US. It's part of the ongoing patent dispute it to tech giants which control more than half of worldwide Smartphone sales. Ruling not completely going Samsung's way. The same judge rejected Samsung's request to overturn the previous ruling that awarded apple over one billion dollars in damages. Did Samsung copying critical features of the iPod -- iPad. Despite all the recent downgrade -- Sticking by -- it's about 1%. Your hopes up too quickly but there might mean possibly potentially more movement on the fiscal -- Which scenes to hear folks in Friday's potential client apocalypse. House speaker John Boehner meeting with his Republican colleagues -- our power player of today. Boehner admission to try to selling idea higher taxes to his party which is the law that never to raise them. The latest tweaking up the President Obama wants those earning over 400 -- to pay more up for a quarter million. They preference is higher rates on clean air. Investors latching onto ever positive signs they can get where op with got -- there. Really did is one point 26 billion dollars that's how much TV ratings agency -- spent on buying its radio counterpart arch on. Analysts say it's a big deal for Nielsen -- it will help and streaming audio and -- consumption outside the home the merger was approved by the company's. Nielsen's up almost 2% pretty -- for the buyer an art and about 20%. You may have heard this one before they are more signs a slowdown in Europe but it's not Portugal Italy or Greece is from the economy keeping things together Germany or so we thought. And -- on has more from our London bureau. -- In -- talking. Well and he's assessing -- Eyebrows he says especially taking into account that kind of downward revisions -- and other institutions. To get an idea what we're talking about the -- not cut its growth estimate by. We courses -- point 4% from one point six. The 7% and just be clear. -- deputy economy minister burn hot pizza has not given us any numbers yet. Apple pretty gloomy and Ernie said that there is eight silver lining. Economists say Johnny will avoid recession and is also a consensus -- -- cost will now be more in line with the rest of the years and so. A reality check for -- back he. Okay thanks so much for the update Antonin. And finally knowing not -- the Blue Man Group he's checked professor and composer of Vladimir fronts. Who's vying to become the next Czech president in January. Heavy winds -- become the first head of state with a fully tapped to head. In fact reports say some 90% of his. Body is saying. He had. Draw on that much skepticism however from launched an ad campaign and has been paid so far has more than 46000. Likes. France independent candidate reportedly promoting human rights democracy and alternative energy. Word on whether he supports tax breaks for tattoo -- That is the latest entry tell us where this Tuesday you can follow us on Twitter at -- -- inside there and check out his team's chance at it's not time. -- -- -- I'm Lisa Bernhard this is right.

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3XSQ: Investors stand by Apple despite another smack down

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 04:03

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