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Breakingviews: 20.12.2012 - end of a magical era

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 03:50

Dec. 20 - Today marks the end of 13 years of 'numerologically magic dates,' say Breakingviews. The rest of the century will be a desert by comparison.

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20122012. Now that's a beautiful and act out according to Hugo Dixon has a beauty in numbers that's often overlooked. Assistant at a time Robert called his head with retest of dissect this piece that all of you bought new. College's -- -- -- you'll numerology as you guys picked etc. that the bottom line it's Christmas is on the look here this morning yeah yeah yeah you think that people clearly take this stuff there's still so soft. Also mentions that they -- so it's amazing it's 121212 or -- amazing series of commitments magical. It's it is peaceful and then. I demand as a sudden crisis about his -- which is part of it's part of his charm but I think the only he does make a couple of series points which is. That's -- you know if you get a date which is 1111111. It's it's it's quite it's quite nice you know over in China. Eight I make a very very old suspicious. He Hugo's they'll -- that these numbers of estimating some supernatural mystical power and I think that he just -- He's been very clear I -- hoping it was cynical about this by the way -- he did he sees the beauty in these numbers I'm. 201200120. -- judgment to try -- -- the February 2000 -- and so on its own zone we got sat when -- against Democrats running of the throw off. 2012. We've got to wait eight G-8 years. For the next one which is the 21 of January 211. 21 I want. -- motherly instinct thing series next season he's got the sole purpose of what. Constitute such a magical number of people number Leslie lately that definition to him but according to -- in that it was a great bunching of these -- -- -- states within the first decade of this century thorough about a half or thirds of these peaceful place the second decorate the -- bombers and above and then it tiles off quite rhetoric -- other number. Tel -- -- peaceful nights as we get to the end of that and that's how you feel what he. To be to be lifting me and he is particularly -- caddie -- Olympic. Bill -- luck to you about your girls and these guys financial crisis -- -- Well I literally -- and you know again you know right there and I it's easy to sound and the sentiment but given and -- this cynical about this but. I see this and an accent. If you. Particularly magical on December the and happens next year at. -- left at 215 because of course it's gonna be 111213. 1415. But I think Hugh good when he goes tonight -- -- date is what is it eleven yeah let eleven elevenths. It's less 2000 and also let -- yes that's old ones as has happened ten months in a road what was exceptional. Exceptional this iPad but the thing to try and you know give it some serious this is remember -- -- I -- some sort of -- -- -- -- Vanity -- about -- And have fun it is all look I don't know boats except business school or about people it's all about you do with those numbers say. -- -- So it does not need to be to do it because we can appreciate what of the coal. -- Maltese in which we will deal which -- figures and numbers than it take some pleasure in them when pleasure is that to me. I think I'm gonna leave it there I think I'm just looking at his appendix -- -- magical nights in chronological order. I'm you can find comfort in these web -- If you -- wish Robert. Betty thanks. -- throw out for more genocide against sites. A genocide against that avenue was fabulous -- sought an amateur for more insight what's our US breaking you share everyday atrocities and seventeen petty BST. I'm -- problems is choices.

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Breakingviews: 20.12.2012 - end of a magical era

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 03:50

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