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U.S. Day Ahead: How to play the Mayan apocalypse

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 03:02

Dec 20 - If Friday really is the end of the world then you want to invest in booze, bananas and banks, according to our top Reuters experts.

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LEY story capturing people's imaginations right now the Mayan apocalypse and apparently you can forget about everything else. If you believe I resumed on Friday whether it's my -- gliding into the earth or giant solar flare burning up the atmosphere. According to our latest -- -- of us are worried about the 21 of December. If you're more -- and profit in tank here at three suggestions from our top experts on how to cash in on the end of the world. If tonight is the last man on earth here's what I'm looking at. Philip Morris cigarette company because who's gonna quit smoking today. Brown Foreman maker of Jack Daniels because everyone's going to be partying tonight Rick's cabaret publicly traded strip club chain. Might as well get a lot of the last man on earth. The big investment idea for the apocalypse I'm prepared. It's commodities like -- you want food that's portable. That provide sustenance. And this is very very -- Why did -- you've been -- luck investing Tommy Thompson Logan called about investing -- -- ovals -- but they gonna go up in flames. When -- pockets comes US banks -- argument for him to stay too big to fail. Well if you don't believe any of bad and it's business as usual on Friday earnings there's only one S&P 500 company reporting Walgreen. The largest US drugstore chain is set to see earnings rise by 11% from a year ago and that's partly because that's selling more generic medication. Which has higher margin and branded products. But the number to focus on it how many people have signed up to his loyalty card program. While -- it's using -- as a way to win back disgruntled customers who could Express Scripts prescriptions. That translated into a four point 5% drop in sales last quarter so far 38 million people have signed up for the car. And let's wanna see got bigger grow. -- -- big piece of data to focus on is durable goods a key measure of manufacturing strength I have -- that expect that number to rise by eight tenths of a percent as vehicles are replaced in the northeast after your -- -- -- If you wanna go deeper you have to strip away military and aircraft ordered and look at -- capital goods. That number should show heavy industry is in neutral this after seeing 83% growth last month. If it does repeat that performance though I -- far economists say it would be very encouraging. For the economy. And finally keep an eye on what the National Rifle Association says at his news conference about last week's tragic shooting in Newtown Connecticut. NRA is expected to offer. Meaningful contributions. It intends to make to ensure there is no repeat of such an incident analysts -- gun sales are actually up as customers try to get ahead of potential new regulations. For more on how much the dining economy is worth in the US -- check out our latest. And make sure to follow us on Twitter at writer insider and catcher interviews with hot market movers operators TB I'm putting mom this is for years.

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U.S. Day Ahead: How to play the Mayan apocalypse

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 03:02

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