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3XSQ: Google's latest plan for Motorola

Monday, December 24, 2012 - 02:40

Dec 24 - Google and Motorola are teaming up to build the ''x-phone''-WSJ; Santa brings a trunk full of gifts.

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Ahead Google's latest plan for Motorola. And the trunk full points from Santa. Later in the shift. Welcome to three Times Square this Monday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. The iPhone could soon be competing with the X phone. Google reportedly working it with a Motorola mobility division developed -- sophisticated handset the Wall Street Journal says the phone is known internally as X phone. The papers at the new device is expected come out sometime in 2013. His -- are still trying to determine just what features it'll have and they run some challenges so for once the phone is finished design is that were on a public verse. Of the Google roughly flat in early trading. -- small screen to the big screen for daily digit. 434. Million dollars. That's a global take the hottest movies so far includes another 38 million from the North American box office over the weekend they'll finishing first here for the second week in a -- its first three movies based on JR Tolkien novel about the that the world Google Earth. Tom Cruise movie Jack -- your coming in a distant second. A better than average hitter now of this superstore sized contract for 56 million dollars making our power player of today. -- former New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. Will -- -- an average of fourteen million dollars a year over four years with the option for a fifth year that's four times that of average ball player. He tweeted wow what a crazy few weeks hey Cleveland are you ready because I'm coming home. Ohio native averaged 26 -- during his four years with the Yankees but -- you performed in the posting with a 162 batting. Practice eight. Is the real power play. And here's once and a and that won't fit through the chimney. Elephants visiting the school in Thailand on -- caps and do what's and is due and got toys. You can trust their case senior -- to reward them with food. Doubles also do -- GA even though they're no match for Rudolph. If you especially meaningful because the school got flooded and had to close last year. They'll elephants that else. That's latest from three times where this Monday if it falls on Twitter at Reuters Insider. Expect that a Reuters he -- TV -- what is dot com slash Reuters he. -- rate -- this is.

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3XSQ: Google's latest plan for Motorola

Monday, December 24, 2012 - 02:40

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