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UK Viral videos 2012 - no surprise who is No 1

Monday, December 24, 2012 - 02:50

Dec. 24 - London's Unruly Media reveals the most shared videos of 2012 in a year that delivered more than a few surprises. Reuters Technology Correspondent Matt Cowan reports.

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-- what got them stopped. It's the breakthrough sensation that even bigger than Justin Bieber. -- of south by South Korean pop star side became the most watched video ever posted to YouTube this year. So it's little surprise that it's also the most shared video of the year. -- and ruling media which compiles the viral video chart has put together a list of the year's most contagious video content. -- -- smashed it. I mean anyone seen that video I say needs re -- season mix is a bit but it was a bit when that break. Bring -- -- -- year we -- widow you know goings. Two once -- so quickly and we knew it was going to be you know the biggest hit of the year. Dead best -- heads up the company's social media lab says the amount of sharing has also increased dramatically. With the top ten social ads of the year the number of shares jumped 67%. From just shy of seventeen million in 2011. 228 million in 2012. And there were other surprises. Maybe sixteen year old we'll see big presidential elections but no you it hits -- action this year. Or so we expect you don't see do you view lead paint we expect to see. A whole range amazing piece of Olympics -- breakthrough. Which I think he can manage through these -- This that call best jobs created by Procter & Gamble for the Olympics was the fifth most shared video out of the year. The next I don't buttons PC issues can booked -- on up into the savings of what did -- groups don't videos we see it all breaks around the city and it looks incredible stunts these species. Number three Abercrombie -- Who we may be that public. An infinite. I mean will they even. And -- that you seeds of which fit I've -- -- guys with Russia itself -- belong to a coordinating some really great problem. Number two if he'd teach my -- crisis really. In this kind of reinvention of a flash won't be seen companies want in my book he's -- -- sing -- with the -- when you see the -- than in the middle of the square. See that's accompanied proceeded. All hell breaks loose. The most shared social -- of the year isn't actually an advertisement. -- can be 2012. That's the county video and -- judge accompanied. Hawaii incredibly amazing. How. The -- minute. Piece of video. -- 2012 we shared over ten million times still this record breaking year will be best remembered for the most unusual viral sensations. Gang of style has been shared 34 million times it is closing in on one billion views.

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UK Viral videos 2012 - no surprise who is No 1

Monday, December 24, 2012 - 02:50

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