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3XSQ: finishes first

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 03:38

Dec 27 - Survey indicates shoppers still prefer the web retailing giant.

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Ahead -- talked on the lip -- and and very different atmosphere of Peruvian style later in the -- Welcome three time -- this Thursday from runners headquarters in New York -- -- song just out the window here to read in the new year. To travel toward the end of a -- But it might as well. And -- economists and consumers await action on -- vehicle clipped the latest house speaker John Boehner offering to at least consider any ill but that it produces. President Obama heading back to Washington now to try to reach a deal before the content of the Oscars tax hikes and spending cuts take back in January. It -- Hawaii vacation short and headed for the airport early this morning eastern time. The economy continued to belong as politicians haggle over the fiscal -- issues. Our daily did it 350000. New jobless claims filed in the last week that's below expectations though some states only provided estimated -- is due to the Christmas holiday. The four week moving average fell to its lowest level in more than four years. Well manufacturing perked up and the midwest the reports from Chicago so bad showing activity roads. Nearly 2% in November. Well things are picking up for Amazon as well online shopper and give high marks a survey from fourteen. Which want customer satisfaction found remained a top web site for shopping for the eight year and -- The survey director is saying. Great job in setting the standard for everybody else. Dates spanning coast suffered the biggest fall. And is on though one of several companies -- eastern -- over the lack of tax payments in Europe our Jamie -- joins us from London. Wouldn't -- on the ongoing saga and the UK. Continuously test. Yes we'll go well from Tom boundary and out intrepid reporter here in London who broke the Starbucks tax Estonia to the world. Another special report and the market growth all the UK tax this time it's how the puts his tax authorities got too close you could say far too close to big business. He -- shows that large corporations non paid less -- income tax than a decade a goal. Even though. Profits top sellers according to one -- compiled by. Official office for national statistics although I don't corporate profit has risen 65%. Since 2000. To 329 billion pounds last year. And the same periods the month of corporation tax paid by large funds fail to 21 billion pounds that's done 21%. Now that may be partly due to declining revenues from the financial industry as well as Laura official tax rates over the last few years. But still with the country dipping -- and I of the session the government's claim that we're all in this together. Those seem to drink alcohol or put up. I think -- And -- really forget he thought Eric is -- he's an income it's about settling scores. There duke it out in the annual talk and you keep festival hundredth take part in the traditional fighting until. Confident -- their battles with other. Every -- on hand and winners and hiding and around. Legal matters to -- That's latest from three times as -- Thursday you can follow us on Twitter at greater than tighter and check out our rigorous YouTube channel at Reuters dot com plot for your TV. I'm putting off this break.

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3XSQ: finishes first

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 03:38

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