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Techquity: Apple CEO's huge pay cut, rating boost for Amazon

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 03:24

Dec 27 - Apple CEO Tim Cook has his compensation slashed while Amazon comes out ahead in a new survey.

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Welcome detect any action on -- stuff I'm Rhonda schaffler. Next apple slices the CEO's pay and a song gets a lift from shoppers and marvell tech fights back first up apple. The company's annual proxy filing with the SEC lay out its executive compensation. CEO Tim Cook led the -- to record profits says that became the most valuable company ever in terms of market cap. His paint though taking a 99%. Nosedive he received a boost in salary of one point 36 million in 2012. But was not awarded an -- stock so his total compensation came -- -- just over four million down from 378. Million a year ago. The board said in light of his 2011 stock awards granted in connection with his elevation CEO. It decided to forgo giving war but don't feel too bad for cook he could still buy it. 12186832. Gigabyte iPhone fives. When factoring in the eight point 375%. Sales tax in Cupertino California. Where apple Wednesday. 6425. Of the 32 gigabyte iPad committees. Or 5278. Of the full size 32 gigabyte iPad. Well when measured up to other CEOs like Amazon's -- pesos and Google's Larry Page. It's eleven he made nearly 200 times the bases made at 378. Million times with -- aid. A dollar which is just a small fraction -- multimillion. Dollar art. We don't have their pay packages for 2012 yet but double -- noses and multiply pages by a 100000. Cook still comes out on top of these guys courts -- notes and -- are already billionaires. As they helped start their company's shares of apple down more than 1% along with the market but still up about 25%. This year. Speaking of Amazon -- -- -- getting an endorsement from users. A new survey found Remained the top web site for shopping for the eight here in a row. The report from foresee which monitors customer satisfaction. -- certain directors has Amazon is a great job in setting a standard for everybody else. Shares down about 2% today as the survey from shopper track showed retail sales fell last week. Soaring and sputtering time -- look at other movers. Soaring is smoke have died codes. The Texas based chip company buying China's beast CDs semiconductor. For 151. Million dollars. Shares rising as much as 6% earlier in the day up 2% now and sputtering is Marvell Technology. That chip makers saying it plans to try to bullet a billion dollar verdict that went against it in a patent suit. Shares fell Wednesday when the news came out and -- down another 4% today that's equity this Thursday remember -- You can follow us on Twitter -- you are asked a I'm Rhonda schaffler this is riders.

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Techquity: Apple CEO's huge pay cut, rating boost for Amazon

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 03:24

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