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3XSQ: U.S. markets finish 2012 higher; Tribune rises again

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 04:22

Dec 31 - Global shares are steady as the 'cliff' deadline nears & Tribune emerged from bankruptcy, ending four years of Chapter 11 reorganization.

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I had no physical appearance here and the UK car jumping championship really making it in -- later. This time square at this Monday from Reuters world headquarters in New York the singer Tony thirteen US starting like this seems to be subsiding. No deal on the fiscal -- just yet but congress is working around the clock. To try to stop the automatic tax increases and spending cuts and taking the country over the alleged. Counts like fun. Stock index futures mostly higher heading into the final trading at 2012. Right now they are all down on. It is get a good here for US markets though the S&P and NASDAQ up more than 10%. The Dow Industrials less than that. Believe or not one of the best market this year Greece yes Greece the -- index up more than 30%. Germany and Japan also faring well well. Breaking news is on the news Tribune has emerged from bankruptcy. The owner of the Chicago Tribune in an LA times and in four years of Chapter Eleven reorganization. The company now consists of eight major daily newspapers and 23 TV stations. Board member and former fox entertainment chief Peter -- set to run a firm. But should you -- is -- challenged media climate newspapers continue to suffer but so -- -- TB TV viewership. The Wall Street Journal reporting that three of the four broadcast networks shedding viewers. CBS's average primetime audience for the fall TV season down 5% from a year earlier similar to ABC's according to Nielsen. Fox suffering the most down 24%. From a year earlier. With its coveted sweet spot at eighteen to world viewers dropping 25%. NBC the lone exception the average viewership up 19% in the prior year as a participant and I football and the voice. Our range of factors to blame from the presidential election to super storms sandy to DVR and on demand options. While the network TV audience is down Hollywood is finishing a record year at the box office. Howard down -- digit helping the cause it's one billion dollars and counting the global take for as far as of this past weekend. Daniel Craig. Latest dark turn -- James Bond the highest grossing in the character's history. The record total -- is double 07 celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. The film is the first to top the 19 million mark in the UK. More about a 150. Million dollars. The -- it actually won the weekend in the US and Canada taking in more than 32 million. And finally evil can -- all they're not remember him. But that's flying vehicle we showed you earlier -- did it clear that go up parked cars. Hundreds gathered in west Sussex England aspiring Hollywood south card jumping championship. The vendor cart drivers as they're called attempted to drive over -- ten wrecked cars. And a good bang -- fun those crashing nose first got the lavish cheers. In the end 31 year old mechanic -- Harvard sucks it's I don't feel funny bragging rights and probably a few bumps and bruises. That is the latest -- times this Monday but not from time squared just around the corner from here they are preparing for the ball to drop to ring in 2013. But around the world the celebration has begun including an Auckland New Zealand at this city's sky tower we -- -- some of those sights sounds. Thanks for watching. I.

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3XSQ: U.S. markets finish 2012 higher; Tribune rises again

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 04:22

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