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U.S. Morning Call: Washington, markets await 'fiscal' deal

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 03:05

Dec 31 - Investors turn to Washington as the U.S. Congress comes back today without a deal to avert the ''fiscal cliff''.

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Here's your Monday morning call as we count down to Wall -- counting down to the fiscal cliff. May not like it marks the deadline for a deal though the government can pass legislation and 2013 that wrecked actively prevents going over the cliff. If the deal doesn't happen I also have to grapple with what our problem raising the sixteen point four trillion dollar debt ceiling. The government will hit that capped today but the Treasury Department can buy at least two months of time extra measures. -- let's get your scenario for financial markets as raises the threat of the debt default and another credit downgrade. The last time that happened was 2011 and stock markets posted several days of sharp losses in the period. Today US stock futures put into a mixed start but stocks could follow -- opening -- there's no sign lawmakers are making progress. Not to Iran and they Reuters exclusive a major partner of China's while -- technology offered to sell -- HP equipment to Iran's largest cellphone operator in 2010. Officials that -- -- said the deal which could be worth well over a million dollars ever actually happened. But is does provide new evidence of how Chinese companies have been willing to help you need tax sanctions. Well last year so we'd be remiss not to mention hot stock at 2012. You guessed it apple. Shares reached great heights this year hitting the 700 dollar level but have fallen in the last quarter though it's up 24% on the year. Advances in Apple's Siri technology can propel the company to even greater heights says it is content as John -- And a -- I ITV could potentially change the face of -- now nearly RK ET beset. Where's the stock going into when he their team seeking out office as Apple Stock gains over the last ten years are close -- with its product launches. So it all depends on whether or not apple comes out with a new innovative gadget in 2013. But can they do it again apple become the world's first trillion dollar company -- many analysts have predicted it. Left latency as Google and Microsoft get more and more it's a hardware cop attention yet humans are. And finally another company will begin the new year on a higher note. -- in the parent company of the Chicago Tribune and the LA times -- emerge from bankruptcy today ending four years of Chapter Eleven. The media giant's portfolio includes eight major daily newspapers and 23 TV stations. We'll also have a new board of directors comprised of former executives from fox. Disney. For now current CEO -- -- will remain in place. That's it for your Monday morning call follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider in check out our lazy to check out act like dot com slash TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is.

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U.S. Morning Call: Washington, markets await 'fiscal' deal

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 03:05

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