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3XSQ: U.S. retailers see hit or miss holiday season

Thursday, January 03, 2013 - 04:48

Jan 3 - Some major U.S. retailers had a tough December, with chains like Barnes & Noble feeling the pinch, but The Gap is an exception.

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-- Christmas for some retailers a visit from the -- for others and a winter wonderland later in the show. Three Times Square this Thursday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. -- hitter this holiday season for US retailers. Among the winners GAAP. December comparable store sales beating forecasts. It's old navy brand standouts sales there up 13% vs a decline of 4% in December 2011. Barnes & Noble -- loser its same store sales falling eight point 2% over the holiday period. It's not business which includes tablets and 12%. While Macy's sales met expectations. That the forecast a profit for the fourth quarter below estimates. Taking shares of all three now. We've got to act up just under 4% Barnes & Noble over 1% Macy's up just 1% and a half percent there. Auto sales so far also looking up the December report and Chrysler shows sales rose 2% exceeding forecasts. The hot brand -- the best before. With sales climbing nearly 60%. Chrysler's annual sales rose 21%. Forecasters see -- sales of 2012 rising 13% overall. GM and Ford reports sales later today. Private sector hiring jumping as well our daily did it 2151000. The gain in private payrolls in December according to the ADP report. That's 60% higher than -- November's figure revised significantly higher Q. The Labor Department's report on December jobs picture out Friday morning. From jobs created to businesses sold and our power player of the day. It's former vice president Al Gore who will now with cable network current TV to another Al Al-Jazeera. -- deal analysts pegged around 500 million bucks. The New York Times speculates that about a hundred million in Gore's pocket not bad. Given reports suggest he and his business partners. Paid around seven million dollars when they -- the network. From Vivendi Universal in 2004. Al Gore departing business France's you know -- idea with an offer to depart his country. Our -- well we'll joins us from London with this latest twist. In it tax avoidance on axle. Of French actor had to now. Yeah I wrote that before I tell you that was beautifully said I'd love your friend accidentally hey and a bit. What's important he could well go to Russia president fruits and assign a presidential decree. Granting that brought you. Russian citizenship remember he announced recently is -- bronze to avoid the yep 75% tax -- on the rich. He's one of those that -- it as he's he's 4000 Belgium just across the border to get away from front. -- this Israelis seen as a great TR OK it was well up roots and who can show that Russia -- attractive to some. Not just a British born KGB -- is breaking news that rightly said this morning. And they cannot play the 13%. Income tax rate porn. 13%. After -- 75% as a bit of a no brainer really isn't it now on the other side. As breaking news says that but yet by the surprise friendships -- Fidel Castro Hugo Chavez problem that we need is. Will will fit right in the -- -- of that and a lot of Muscovites saying that locked out of that we'll have to wait and see I doubt very much he will get that of the options that. Here dip -- -- with the Russian accent that. Yet news. All right. I think that the idea idea of it's not Disney -- I like Disney has ice. In China the ice and snow world is creating an excitement. The world's largest -- and a theme park in the city apartment attracting throngs of tourists this holiday season. And over 8000 square feet it contains eight howry ice palace the world's -- ice carving standing more than a 158 hi. But it's not appealing it's no bumper cars. Even bicycles Beck -- on the I call them by icicle -- well. I don't know looks cool now. That is the latest and three Times Square this Thursday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and remember check out -- it needs you cannot -- voters dot com. -- -- TV I'm Lisa Bernhard this is like.

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3XSQ: U.S. retailers see hit or miss holiday season

Thursday, January 03, 2013 - 04:48

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