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Breakingviews: Google won't evade rivals

Friday, January 04, 2013 - 04:31

Jan. 4 - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's extensive antitrust probe into Google ended with a whimper, says Breakingviews.

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Right down -- breaking news Google evade the feds and credit to delay rather than don't use the bank liquidity reform. I'm joined by European editor Pip you know song I'm pit stop -- Google. They promised to behave as did Microsoft about a decade ago. So. You point to Google if you like but you'll your your -- -- Robert sirens pieces of our thoughts. That rivals and how much water is going to be. To a -- on the porch with all these major and -- competition in of antitrust probes. We will find out the big companies especially in the tech industry always end up with a certain race and that's what happens with Google's lead get away without. Conceding anything of the core business which is the search engine. Parents it appears that yes rivals competition from all -- -- usually much more efficient. To protect the consumer which is usually. The main. Driver behind as it probes in the case of -- grew we see that. You know this mean the competition from from that with the likes of you who selects from the people and consumers can always change into different -- attention. And -- different and and I dressing in in the box and I knew you could carry two. Google rivals -- have. Well I think it's -- yeah I I know Roberts. Point in this is well made it quite bold -- vacation is how rivals in the technology industry go to demolishing power houses. Microsoft unable to make much of a mock concern of Smartphones and tablets and then this line eventually Google is destined to be destined to have the same fate. And that's quite a bold thing to say well you're you're you're you're. Releasing that group has been forced to buys smaller rival -- Netflix. Yeah that you -- and others. Because of them start ups or food companies product companies were investing in an area as we didn't have any idea. Consumes. Would go until less this what will happen as well. Again Microsoft and the Microsoft whereas Microsoft today. -- in the Smartphone business whereas microphone today in the that the tablet business it is old. We have with other companies younger America so that. Some of them didn't it actually exists when Microsoft was being probed by the by the US antitrust -- okay. Finished increase -- in front on the breaking news site of course -- this other piece. Liquids -- from Basel III. Now what we've seen is that isn't backing off from a on the timetable. No it's. The plan itself. It still gonna be an interest in PR exercise for the banks this one person who's who's actually going to put a hand up and say yes we need both times. Well -- thanks -- the by the European banks have been lobbying hard against that liquidity Covert racial and TR. For some time now because they would basically it costs to. Stuck up on the government debt deemed very liquid. That banks up to Vista had a lot of liquid assets under the U. To affirmative. Guard against possibly see that there would be equipped to run on the bank consumed regularly to have been very careful about that. And the banks are asked to look at stock up on government debt because it is very liquid on the other hand on the capital -- Government debt is risky so the Maurice tuchman covenant that an employee had -- As of something had had to give regulators this is a big renters -- that we were commenting on. Regulations are about to give him more time three more years to comply. With the integration. Within. Within that time that might revise the ratio as well let's suppose that says the regular regular tracking down a little. Oh of course they RB -- -- circumstances and facing Susie question is the president is what these illiquid -- and it. Foreign bank and that's and that's something that helped so. And it's services -- -- is -- knock you out so some dampening this. Here's yet many thanks so that. -- yep guess so from my breaking news margin setting aside what's our US breaking news show every day told -- east and 1730 GMT probably get more mcdougal's story as well. I'm -- problem sources.

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Breakingviews: Google won't evade rivals

Friday, January 04, 2013 - 04:31

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