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Techquity: Facebook to benefit from Google deal with FTC

Saturday, January 05, 2013 - 03:33

Jan 4 - How the settlement between Google and the Federal Trade Commission could keep the Feds away from Facebook.

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But -- equity Georgia Tech stocks I'm -- steering technology columnist for Reuters breaking news. Next Google's -- deal helps FaceBook. Samsung pushes further ahead of apple and audience gets here's an analyst. First up one or four -- benefiting another. The Fed stick on blue and lost and I can be great news for FaceBook. After spending years trying to claim the search giant was an abusive monopolist the FTC was forced like Google go. Merely a slap on the wrist. He couldn't -- consumers were harmed. And it's bad news for rivals like Yelp Yahoo! Microsoft. Google now has its hands and tied it can take them on aggressively. This isn't gonna help FaceBook either over the sure after all Google's paid a big -- on social network but it is excellent news over the longer run for FaceBook. The tech monopoly is often arise because of what's called virtue -- circles for example more people they use attack platform more useful this for everyone else. Businesses for example gravitated to Microsoft because it was more convenient to use the same software other companies -- -- Similarly Google's huge user base attract advertisers. Which gives Google -- to build the best infrastructure. Which tracks where users. It's hard for the government to prove that consumers are harmed by tech companies that Foster these virtual circles. FaceBook has set up its own virtuous -- people simply wanna be in the same social network has their friends in fact it's beginning to look suspiciously like a monopoly in the making. And that always attracts -- government pension. Instead of taking on two giant tech monopoly Microsoft and Google has lost badly both times. Never say never it seems a likely government will try a third time to claimed the scalp of -- tech giant by going after FaceBook. Now onto the apple Samsung war and score one for Samsung's. Strategy analytics predicting the Korean company why did Smartphone leader apple this year. Samsung's market share -- to 33%. But shipments of Smartphones writes it 291. Million. 221%. 180 million for apple. In the US data from comScore shows Samsung holding -- -- -- apple in terms of mobile -- The data comparing these three months and in November to the previous three month period. In terms of platforms in the US Google's Android climb to nearly 54% of the market with apple IOS in second place. Shares of apple down about 2% today near 530. Apple also apparently museum an effort to beef up its mapping service next web reporting it offered to byways that was turned down. The community based traffic and navigation app from -- won in nearly a billion dollars and other reports indicate apple offered only about 500 million. And mapping and traffic is hot right now because everyone is starting to use their spark for his GPS device this meeting collect lots of data from users. -- his rival in Rex may also go public and a couple of months so wait is probably Smart to turn to an apple today and -- for more cash tomorrow. Story inspiring time our look at other big movers surrogate audience in maker of chips for the iPhone upgraded to overweight from neutral by JPMorgan. Its shares -- up 10%. And sputtering Silicon Image maker chips for computers TVs and video players cutting its fourth quarter revenue forecast. Said he reschedule certain orders by a large customer. Stocks down 11%. That's equity this Friday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT RS -- I'm -- -- and this is Reuters.

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Techquity: Facebook to benefit from Google deal with FTC

Saturday, January 05, 2013 - 03:33

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