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3XSQ: GM CEO says "cautiously optimistic" about 2013

Wednesday, January 09, 2013 - 03:36

Jan 9 - General Motors CEO Dan Akerson says he sees global industry sales up 2 percent in 2013, but remains ''cautiously optimistic'' about this year.

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Ahead -- less bumpy ride for General Motors and well -- half hour later in the show. It's good -- this Wednesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Power player of the day is optimistic about his firm's prospects into thirteen. It's General Motors CEO had an eight person. And reported round table and tried this morning -- the firm's US market share climbing as its new products coming out. And some weakening its investment grade credit rating. He also -- the progress he sees it struggling Opel division in Europe. Not the result quite yet overall he sees global industry sales climbing 2%. Shares closed at 2937. Tuesday and now at 299 -- at. Apple could -- wrote from the possible. Release of another version of -- The Wall Street Journal said it's considering making it cheaper model of its popular Smart packet coming out this year. It would use less expensive materials like plastic. Which would comprise the outer layer of the device continue phone be available on China's largest mobile carrier. -- CEO Tim Cook inched up for the second time in less than a year. The company still trying to secure a deal with China Mobile the dominant wireless carrier -- meeting with partners and government officials on his trip. Apple shares closed at 52531. Tuesday and now. I -- Stateside one actor not owning it instead of Day-Lewis star of linkage which rolled into a big awards with ten more nomination. This time is baptists. That are truly American story in a written report. -- enters Sunday's Golden Globes -- contender there as well with seven -- Which means books or linking poll is -- tomorrow when Oscar nominations are announced. Lincoln has so -- earned 145. Bucks domestically. President's past to present. Brack Obama and ballot will host a screening of the new NBC comedy 16110. At the White House today. It featured a fictional and very dysfunctional. Family and it's created by John -- and if former Obama's speech writer. If art doesn't imitate life perhaps or at least make it's like hard -- it. Casting crew and couldn't aren't built moment and -- -- are expected to join the White House party. And finally the White House Rose Garden may wanna try this some time. Freezing tens in the Ukrainian capital out yet are not preventing flag lovers from getting a chance to see their favorite -- winner. In fact sub zero temperatures are helping to capture their beauty. Exhibition of the flowers of this we sponsored by our industry and combine that ice sculptors and the line. She is I think the -- -- to bubbles that are filled with distilled water and rose an -- bone chilling temperatures. More than 1000 different kinds of flowers are on display. That's the latest entry on this Wednesday you can follow us on Twitter at latest insider and check out and YouTube channel at -- dot com slash. -- I'm Lisa Bernhard this is worth.

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3XSQ: GM CEO says "cautiously optimistic" about 2013

Wednesday, January 09, 2013 - 03:36

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