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French shops strip back prices

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 02:35

Jan. 9 - The annual winter clearance sales got underway in France, at a time when consumers are watching what they spend and unemployment is at a 15-year high. Virgin Megastore France also filed for insolvency, threatening jobs of 1000 workers. Joanna Partridge reports from Paris

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Okay. Can Nate kicked truth in times of recession. Be Tate has been -- gimmick symbolic in two entirely shortness. Spanish mutated daisy while little breezy and the stops that wind to -- By promising a free I fit to upgrade a hundred people -- -- never and a -- I don't usually have the money to show up pink -- it's great to come in and get the clay it's. Funny play with French Open too -- -- Iran to force. Taking -- fallen to two prices flash -- to 70%. From more than the 40% discount seen in previous years. Recent says they say consumers intend to spend less than in the cost they're worried about the economic crisis in your -- And placed a -- and French unemployment is at the highest level for fifteen years. That memo by and had to the plate in retail federation NH fifth details just before Christmas Wear makeup for slaves not descend back. As consumers tighten that -- There all the way the conditions. Purchasing power and each family has out -- which can't be reduced so each company has a budget from the money left -- And they have to decide between a weeks' holiday and -- CFO 400 euros or new codes and the new tricks. Sales got off to a good stopped. At French -- assays Haitians set fifteen million people visited shopping centers across from some Wednesday. Pretty let's bricks and central progress. Despite and also people hitting the shelves French retailers say that's suffering. They say the gap between Christmas and officials -- the tiles it's too old and according -- trying. Joan Chesney fish dying if I had to French beach -- space station CN NC. -- calling for the sales to be pool -- it. For the people have to wait. Of course that we did also have to wait and that's extremely ridiculous because we should stop pretty much he probably. The very first day after new year. But discounts wouldn't be enough to save ditching -- is -- phones. The books and music retailer at -- don't -- prompted Fitch in front of two fronts and then behind. Filed for insolvency. In what could be defense debt through restructuring force by the courts. -- is at the chain's flagship store initials please say according to the retail is a unit to stand in. And that supply comes forward to another thought I was into America's will be joining the growing ranks of fonts is on employee.

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French shops strip back prices

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 02:35

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