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U.S. Week Ahead: Banks set for big bucks, FB gets mysterious

Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 03:27

Jan. 11 - Get ready for earnings from Goldman, JPMorgan, Bank of America and Citi. FB holds a mystery news conference and Reuters heads to the Detroit Auto Show.

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Big banks sent to deliver big bucks when they report earnings. Base that shareholders played when he questions and we'll find out who's gotten Bryant and who's styling at mandatory auto show. Well it's been the flavor of twelve months now investors are going into -- The FB financials up over 25% since the start of last year they recently helped move the overall market to a five year high. But they have those gains can hold when Goldman Sachs JPMorgan and Bank of America and -- report. All are sad to see fatter profits from a year ago except for being made still struggling to jump start a business. There earnings statements can be -- it bass. But here's what to. Pay attention to -- the first thing that I look out when I -- fifty page earnings report is what was the longer for a quarter and what was -- net interest margin consultant who thinks that -- 60%. Of the bank's revenue is what the margin is on belongs -- what their loans -- We'll face -- host eight. Mystery. And that's Tuesday. Isn't good cakes like whether -- stock will ever -- is thirty dollar IPO price. What we do know is that reporters have been invited by speed is key quote. See what we're building. Rumors are running wild idea and lines saying the social network will want a Smartphone. It could be tablet according to tech hunter. And it's Friday oh or 1% above the 31 dollar mark its earnings are out January 30 for -- -- take out equity. You Christians -- cliches. The jury otters show gets in the high here on Monday investors we'll check. Of the Big Three GM Ford and Chrysler. As well there competitors. Fifteen models we unveiled in what has been a great year for cars and -- the back since 2007 with fourteen point five million sold. Writers Rhonda schaffler will be there in the driver's -- The big unveiling is this Chevy Corvette 57 and GM is keeping this thing under wraps it's supposed to be much different than the previous Corvette. And this will be these. Seventh generation Corvette GM hoping -- recapture some market share it with this particular car it has been losing market share in the past year. We will be talking to the head at General Motors North America operations about that will also talked reports the Al. Alan Mulally. Who once a week without it was sub Ben Bernanke. And bastards get to hear from the fat head honcho when he talks policy on Monday. Name of the game is new wants to focus on any comments which may sound sympathetic towards other policy makers. Calling for QE3 to be hot this year. The bad spending 85 billion dollars a month on buying debt to drive down costs. They should follow us on Twitter Reuters Insider and catch our interviews with market movers on British TV. What what's in store for 2013. On Monday economist Nouriel Roubini AKA doctor doom and political scientist Ian grammar from that you raise your group discussed their outlooks. With writer is digital editor Christopher island. We'll have that live on insider at 6 PM highlights on -- dot com and live blogging from our very Allen Anthony Derosa in addition to Josh Brown from the reformed broker. I'm Heidi mom this is -- years.

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U.S. Week Ahead: Banks set for big bucks, FB gets mysterious

Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 03:27

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