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U.S. Day Ahead: JPM results could be eclipsed by whale probe

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 02:55

Jan. 15 - JPMorgan earnings out in the morning could be overshadowed by an internal probe into the infamous whale trade which cost the bank over $6 billion, according to reports.

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Wednesday it's all about one man JPMorgan bought Jamie -- not only if his -- coming out with results but parents also report. And releasing an internal probe into the infamous -- trade which cost over six billion dollars. That we could hear whether diamonds Boe with cut. Don't forget he's the best -- he -- in baking taking over 23 million dollars in 2011. Over all JPMorgan is set to report higher profits than a year ago. And down from Q3 the fourth quarter to be seasonally slow and no attention to two key members. Barely see big things are going to be looking it was JPMorgan one is fixed income trading. It'll be interesting to see whether -- be gained market share. And also whether it was it was a good quarterback harder for them and secondly mortgage mortgage origination volume. So Wells Fargo and JPMorgan and TBS to have mortgage lenders now respectively. And and death wells Fargo's should it sort of tailing off that mortgage origination it would be interesting to see whether or whether JPMorgan will show any kind of decliner. JPMorgan shares ended up over 1%. But closed. Given all that potential drama Goldman Sachs results could very well be overshadowed. It's bottom line is set to grow from last year and the previous quarter focus on return on equity. At the measure how well apple is using its balance -- to earn profits. And it's. Very low recently compensation as a percentage of revenue is also important analysts say that could drop significantly which means more cost cutting. Investors are optimistic. -- -- -- -- up over 40%. Since the start -- 2012. Eating bastards we'll find out how well the retail company is exploiting the power of mold well when it reports after the close. Are more optimistic it could -- its earnings estimates. That company's PayPal service is seen as a strong point as it continues to expand -- to physical retail locations it announced deals with the chain of gas stations and grocery stores. Goldman Sachs recently re eBay's revenue outlook slightly to four point 06 billion dollars and bonds hit it. Price target on the shares to 63 dollars from 56 dollars. For more on that check out integrity. And the big piece of -- keep an eye on is the bad and Beige Book I have -- says we should see more anecdotal evidence of improving retail and credit conditions. That should boost growth for the year I have -- calling -- GDP to rise roughly 2% overall that is still pessimistic compared to the fat testament. About 23. Should follow us on Twitter writer is insider and catch our interviews with top market movers on British TV when we like at the three key numbers to watch and bank earnings. I'm ready mom this is great years.

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U.S. Day Ahead: JPM results could be eclipsed by whale probe

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 02:55

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