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3XSQ: JPMorgan slashes Dimon's bonus after "Whale" trade

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 03:14

Jan 16 - JPMorgan Chase's board of directors cut Chief Executive Jamie Dimon's bonus in half, citing the company's $6.2 billion ''London Whale'' trading loss, the company said on Wednesday.

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I had a whale of trouble for Jamie Dimon and hi -- can't hear world sort later in the show. Welcome -- three Times Square this Wednesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Our daily digit today minus 50%. The declining Jamie -- bonus. The cut coming as a result of the so called whale trade which has cost the bank six point two billion dollars and counting. But don't feel too bad for the C yelled he's still taking on eleven point five million part when he well. GPM post a quarterly profit that topped expectations. Shares of the Dow component closed at 4635. Tuesday. And right now they're trading lower our power player of the day leaving his company in a broad based gains it's Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Profit the brokerage nearly tripled in the fourth quarter driven by big gains in stock and bond. Revenue rose across each of its business lines. Those shares trading near their 52 week high. More troubles for Boeing. All Nippon Airways forced to make an emergency landing of one of its dreamliner jets. Airlines saying instruments aboard domestic flight indicated a battery there triggering emergency warnings to the pilot. Airlines are now grounded their dreamliner -- Regulators in the US are already reviewing the safety of the Boeing planes shares of -- down in early trading. A dish crammed with more than 3000. Calories. Found it seemed well. Cheesecake -- Easter shrimp pasta with -- butter and cream sauce and battered fractured we call 5% of both states when it comes to food porn. It made extreme eating list of the most unhealthy it is is -- US chain restaurants that yes gives you one day it happened recommended daily calories for an adult. Consumer group that compiles the list center for science in the public interest says it's -- well -- up. Three orders of armed guards lives on classical plus -- here. No comment from Cheesecake Factory which also takes taking life with a 2600. Calorie crispy chicken -- and also making that list. Our advice don't forget your New Year's resolution. -- -- Those sounds come from a robot that's trying to scare away birds from the airport runway. Research answers from the Korea atomic energy research institute say if we're about where it's better than current bird repellent technology becomes mobile. Text where birds are in charge that the lasting scary sound. At night the robots laser sheets out radiation -- to frighten them. Birds striking airplane engines are big problem because he damaged planes and can cause accidents. Wanna know why atomic researchers are spending their time creating modern days -- -- That's the latest from three Times Square this Wednesday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider. Check out our Reuters UT TV channel lawyers dot com slash waiters TV. I'm Fred Katayama this is.

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3XSQ: JPMorgan slashes Dimon's bonus after "Whale" trade

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 03:14

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