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GCC prospects bright if policies change - First Solar

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 03:05

Jan. 17 - First Solar, the world's biggest thin-film panel producer, says the GCC is a major growth market but policies in the region must first change for the solar industry to really take off.

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The world's biggest thing films a lot of time making it is looking into the Middle East program. But if -- abundance of sunshine. The senate is looking to change the full renewables take off. Well you know. Renewals. And an impact energy in general was driven by public policy thing and really what we're looking for is the right public policy environment in the region. To drive renewable adoption we're certain to -- motion in the right direction but it. Takes to announce the Middle East says subsidies at its last. Is been for example. A backlash in Germany -- new care. An intensive the solar industry oversupply means prices collapsing confidence in this very space was -- industry mid flight when it comes to say enough. But I think you give you pretty clearly competition is fierce. That's difficult for all companies supplying solar systems but on the other hand it's also great for the renewable industry as a as a whole. We are becoming rapidly becoming cost competitive. We have -- conventional generation means in many regions. The Middle East being one of them. So so in the long term. In terms of sustainability of our business I think we're getting to a a great point where we -- sustainable future without them. She staked passes the senate has had to cut jobs in the safest times. And you what is the way forward -- do you have to diversifying to ten key systems is this more. In that area that -- -- -- in the next ten means. Absolutely and then we have. -- and our business. Towards. Turnkey system solutions. And answers and solutions where rather than selling components solar modules we actually provide an entire power plant. Built on the -- connected to the grid even with operation and maintenance services. This gives us and downstream advantage we can provide a lot more value for our customers. And hence more competitive solutions. And Wimbledon good moments deep offensive next week. Well we're very excited about the juicy -- Of course where we're interested in China where it shouldn't India. We have a solid business in North America. South America looks to have some great opportunities. It's very much a global business. DC the politics in China India holding back. -- China is a very challenging market for western companies. And no secret about that. But we're active there and and we see promise. And how much intense and sentenced him CC from time to continues -- a good question you'll have to ask my business development put technologies -- icing on for its future. Our our technologies based on -- in Telluride thin film. We have tremendous road map for the future with this technology. Again in our language you improve efficiency but converting sunlight to receive. And -- on that metric. We are going to be driving great improvement over the next five years.

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GCC prospects bright if policies change - First Solar

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 03:05

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