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Techquity: Taxing time for Amazon, Google vs. Facebook

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 03:02

Jan. 18 - Study shows sales tax collection hurts sales through Amazon, while Google's CEO takes a swipe at Facebook.

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Next Amazon apple was Google -- as FaceBook and more support for Research in Motion. First up Amazon is the e-commerce giant losing a step on its rivals. The company currently doesn't like sales tax in many states that is a big advantage over traditional retailers to do. -- strapped states like California Texas and now forcing Amazon to collect sales taxes and sales growth in California is now suffering according to new research by channel advisor. It's so this is bad news for Amazon and good news for retailers like best buy Wal-Mart target. -- on stock would really take it on the chin if there's even a hint at sales growth will slow trees about a 150 times estimated earnings. The Pacific crest upgraded to outperform today shares -- roughly flat. More iPad concerns for apple sources telling Reuters shark is nearly halted production of screens for the full sized iPad as demand shifts the new iPad mini. We're just didn't say how much of the slowdown was due to seasonal changes in demand for consumed opting for the smaller iPad mini. Answers were unable to characterize Apple's overall tablet sales reports earlier this week indicated apple cut part orders for its iPhone. Shares down about 1% near 500 bucks. Google CEO Larry Page is not impressive Facebook's offerings in youth WIRED Magazine page says that case looks strong in the social space but quote. Doing a really bad job on their products. Page seems have a short memory this company's got a similar track record remember Google Wave. In the best of arrest the company riding a wave of bad news in -- -- chip giant reported sales of around thirteen point five billion. That's the same airport -- last quarter and all about 5% compared to same period last year what's worse Intel says sales may following next quarter. -- pretty simple Intel dominates the market for PC microprocessors. But hasn't made much of a dent in cell phones and tablets meanwhile PC sales are shrinking. In order to catch up and -- about Intel's investing heavily in now says it plans to spend thirteen billion bucks -- new plant and equipment. Investors were happy sending the stock crashing 6%. No wonder heavy investments mean less cash return to shareholders in dividends and buybacks. And Intel's intent to crash the mobile market have been repeated failures. They're real risk is a huge chunk of Intel's business is disappearing. And the company -- bigger and bigger -- the cash trying to keep up and -- well. -- stay away from skating chipmaker. -- inspiring time -- look at the movers first soaring as Research in Motion. Jefferies raised the Blackberry maker to buy from hold ahead of the debut -- make corporate Blackberry ten. It also boosted the price target -- 1950 from thirteen. Years at 6% near sixteen bucks. And sputtering -- US listed shares the NT ninety services firm down nearly 7%. The company projected sales -- that was slightly below analysts' forecasts. That's tech it's Friday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT RS equity. I'm -- here and this is --

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Techquity: Taxing time for Amazon, Google vs. Facebook

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 03:02

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