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U.S. Week Ahead: Apple's moment of truth!

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 03:22

Jan. 18 - Apple comes out with earnings on Wednesday after reports it's cutting back on parts. Pay close attention to what it says about iPhone 5 sales, according to Reuters Breakingviews' Rob Cyran.

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Start put the brakes on making iPad screens orders climate for iPhone 5 parts and if slashed their price target. All find out how it all adds up for apple when it reports results on Wednesday a lot riding on what CEO Tim Cook says. Apple shares have tumbled about 30% since hitting an all time high of 705. Dollars in late September. On paper it looks like tech titan will see profits rise from a year ago and last quarter and don't forget though it missed estimates in the last two quarters. To close attention to what capital says about iPhone 5 holiday -- The iPhone makes up over half of Apple's profits -- -- number of alarming stories in the past few weeks that the iPhone 5 isn't selling very well. All these stories suggest that the number of screens Apple's buying is falling in other words they're not easy to me screens and he's not selling as many iphones. I think -- stories with a grain of salt apple usually has a blowout fourth quarter and there's no reason to suspect this from different. Hold your horses that is what Google is telling analysts the former its results on Tuesday. This -- it says estimates have been adjusted to reflect the pending two point 35 billion dollar sale of its Motorola home business. That means Google's revenues could be less than the overall estimate of twelve point three billion dollars. The other numbers to keep an eye on is the cost per click or the school will get -- I'm business. Hearing your global CPC has averaged twelve to 16%. Would she will all -- getting more attention that number could see it declined. Investors are confident Google shares up about 6%. Since the start of 22 while at the other and of the -- factor on the isn't Microsoft it reports earnings Thursday profits -- to fall from a year ago on rapidly shrinking PC sales focus will be on windows eight the world's largest software maker has to make a big impact in the holiday season. Only selling sixty million licenses and upgrades in the ten weeks since its launch. Your big economic -- to watch is market PMI on Thursday it will be the only national reading on manufacturing before the highly watched jobs report. I have -- as the index showed slipped to 51 point seven which means the sector is seeing very weak expansion. Be worried if that final number is south of fifty that would mean heavy industry is doing much worse than expected. And combined with PMI readings from China and you're up the data will give us a wider reading of the global economy. We'll follow us on Twitter at greater than fighter and catch our interviews with top market movers on Reuters TV. With reports that the Smart money severely underperformed the S&P 500 last year we had to Boca Raton Florida for the latest game hedge fund conference. We'll get all the latest from Reuters Rhonda schaffler. Interesting things we look at hedge fund returns is some smaller ones that actually outperform. We're gonna talk to -- up and coming fund managers find out they're secrets soda and exceed their fund's return over 20%. We'll also talk with legendary investor -- back and find out why he's long on US housing. Don't forget mine is smartly Turkey -- which means markets are closed. In on this is raiders.

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U.S. Week Ahead: Apple's moment of truth!

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 03:22

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