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U.S. Day Ahead: Shrinking Apple needs a big surprise

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 02:40

If Apple wants to revive its battered stock price, it needs to beat earnings by up to 20% when it reports after the close, according to Reuters West Coast Bureau Chief Jonathan Weber.

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Under pressure and under scrutiny can Apple's results revive its once -- share price. Find out after the close. The rough time for investors. Apple shares dropped 30% from September high and is hovering around 500 dollars -- because of reports it cut orders for heat aren't. Looking at estimate the world's largest tech company could be its profits dropped from a year ago. And number eight I don't know orders which make up over half -- Apple's revenue estimates range from 47 point five to 53 million units. I had orders are set to come in between 23 to 25 million. Don't forget though there are still apple -- out there over 80% of equity analyst who hot stock. Rated -- by more strong about eight. Their mind -- is an attempt content doesn't perform. People are really looking for a beat beat of the earnings -- to light -- -- -- -- stock. If they come in just -- estimates were -- -- -- bit below estimates are. There's going to be a big increase in selling pressure that's going to be very very difficult for apple investors. Are better able to beat adjustments march 15 to 20% you could see a -- reversal of his long time. Our other earnings today and -- -- on McDonald's and coached before the open. Netflix comes out after the close although Boeing will be in focus when transportation secretary Ray LaHood speaks to an aviation advocates eager. He may -- -- comments about the ground at 77 dreamliner which he said it would be allowed to fly again and until regulators were 1000%. Sure that it -- easy. And stared down about 1%. One thing where -- Smart -- for me it's bad in 2013. -- -- our coverage of day two of the game hedge fund conference in Boca Raton with the writers -- there. So what are things will be doing is hearing from the future hedge fund leaders we have a panel discussion is going to be held here we'll be talking and one of those managers. Chris -- and -- punt return 34%. Last year Brosnan is being -- -- where he is the hedge fund manager who lost nearly all of this personal fortune. And try to make it come back. We're also add the World Economic Forum -- dot speaking to top politicians policymakers and business leader. Don't miss our live one and a half hour special on Wednesday morning on insider and dot com. When we interview Russia's deputy prime minister as well the head of the country's second largest -- -- TB. The team on this as --

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U.S. Day Ahead: Shrinking Apple needs a big surprise

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 02:40

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