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DAVOS 2013: Innovation key to survival: Mahindra Satyam CEO

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 03:27

Jan. 23 - Mahindra Satyam CEO Chander Gurnani says the world's economic problems are about to disappear, so businesses have to be resilient and dynamic to survive.

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Show the -- have started in earnest errant golf course I'm -- Catholic watch -- of them can dress up to them paucity with the company CEOs see pay good money. Very good to see you again in -- know now that will be a number of fuel perspective clients coming tonight what is your message. To them give -- -- is becoming -- got a bet that every year moreover is it does not only about my costume was. It is about the prospects. It is about. Friends that you made -- -- they -- street are you what you talk about prospects is your message an optimistic one are you feeling optimistic -- A difficult question -- reported by nature and I can never be. Don't for a long time I'm in Missouri and every night that I just it. I don't resilient are dynamic as well. I didn't know that I if I don't abuse there's woods resilience and dynamism we're gonna hit them alone in doubles but you -- -- W revenues by 2015 patent that you need to be resilient dynamic to do that right. And again why am I optimistic. I clearly believe is that what problems are not going away. -- -- Reality is that that that the US is not going away that that daily reality is. What Dylan live phones that these cynically go to Spain will go through a teammate he Austria attitude does not deny you economic spending. And that reality is that -- population graphs -- is is is is Europe becoming. A great source of business -- -- from the old boy or less of a source of business to -- I would say Europe pursuing. Marginal improvement. It men didn't go more like please what other clue why he. And them business pleasantries because I don't value propose these and I don't round. Business outcome focused instead of capital expenditure it. Is. Picking them right call it what will you be hiring more locally in Europe and will leave behind more. Locally in the US both of the statement psychotic I will put innocent Edinburgh Jim opened -- center in the Netherlands. I've opened a center in Germany what does that do to go to the India centric outsourcing model I'd strongly believe that. Any company which only depends on India centric. Delivery model. Is. Only counting days it has to be a -- -- the -- release and -- -- or at -- this site isn't skating. Some off us -- they really have to become blocked -- internationally if not -- mogul with what is happening to outsourcing itself. Does it remain as cost effective as it always what I strongly believe it is cost effective and -- sort by -- effective. The reason is -- simple that. The -- -- change in the industry event that it isn't cloud over that it doesn't mobility. Bawdy and Big Dig auto and securities services. Is locked Hayat and Foster. Companies have to adopt it and at this stage to find the right skills at the right price point. I do believe that because some of us. Have the resources and skills and revealed other economies and -- and prepared we -- -- -- -- us with more clients. When he -- I am not here to actually look fault lines I would if I leave with more friends. Yes it has been a great visit. Suited Denon -- its a totally going to -- -- and enjoy your thoughts.

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DAVOS 2013: Innovation key to survival: Mahindra Satyam CEO

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 03:27

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