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DAVOS 2013: No turning point for Europe, crisis unresolved

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 03:20

Jan. 23 - Europe's economic problems are far from over, says Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Policy Reform, and it's going to take years to fix the euro zone's problems.

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-- A new feature about coverage from the horse's right up the famous shot somehow soon. Joining me in the trap today doesn't have garbage from the sense of the European reform -- you -- bountiful and has until just wonderful -- and it's figuring out the Lower Saxony. Election results in Germany and how does that platinum. It has got great stuff that how hot you received such a low sheriff -- -- but it doesn't necessarily spell the end of how to rein in Germany as a policy. In his legs and his or some other parts of popularity is still very strong she's gonna put a lot of bags and one of the reasons why it was so few is because they talk about that coalition partner the Liberal Democrats they might do an independent I will she be reelected. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just a few days ago would have sent to the ground partisan BSD -- now I'm not unless the show because the FTV looks like -- got to get and the fact is that how will this result -- -- German policy between now and the election domestic immediate impact is that dean -- -- governing bodies and that is what is and isn't using a majority in the second chamber of parliament the Bundestag. They cannot get anything through the Bundestag now. Big John -- and create experiences they've done parliament. So the immediate reaction is basically just a lot of talking in Germany about what kind of -- that things are right broader Euro zone has the crisis and we are turning point. No they're not and they haven't solved the crisis at all. We in all. Pros is of modeling is doing that one step suddenly seeing some very important reforms in the countries that -- these reforms much indeed get so much still to do he in the presence of fixing is accused us as a -- -- is that it's gonna take it. Also are our governments becoming more or less complacent. And how much of a problem is that about the coming moments like this is a fine balance is that on the edge of unseen until Hamas is he's got this thing under control at the same time you want to signal that you know is still allowed tennis edging them out. I'm one of yours and I -- this socialism is EU enlargement of course right now given Cameron's speech which happens in about an hour or two from now I believe time is is it is the EU music that. How. That would that be for Britain and what would it mean for the U. Yeah that's crazy because this is still an economy that is very tightly integrated with the European markets it -- created a lot of bad -- -- -- takes you some renegotiate new sacrament between Britain that is an INA in unprecedented and European Union and is quite agree that one of its members has left. It will be very different -- association hit publicity that's all the European Union because we need to make me read this network is ultimately looking it's a good -- -- we want them in Europe he would work. Do you think you know we'll have some talent and we've heard quite a bit already but how do you think this is gonna play out doesn't -- I do believe that she's going to promise a referendum on a renegotiated. To -- -- But cleaning is taking a treaty takes a long time so this is going to take much longer than most people think all right tempting to thank you so much further -- Beautiful view down at -- that could think about it from the center for European reform. Because it's going to. And it's the right.

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DAVOS 2013: No turning point for Europe, crisis unresolved

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 03:20

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