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Techquity: Apple shares set for a huge swing

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 02:57

Jan. 23 - Traders say Apple could soar or tumble by as much as seven percent. That means Apple shares could go as high as $535 dollars or as low as $465.

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Next apple shares are set for big swing Google gets a big thumbs up and make sure you're sitting down for our hot stocks. The options market is bracing for a big move with apple when it shares report after the close today traders say that apple could -- or tumble by as much as 7%. And I mean the stock could go as high as 535. Dollars or as low as 465 per share and the shift is far more volatile. Then usual. In the previous eight quarters the average one -- earnings move has only been about 4% according to risk reversal dot com. In the meantime there is no mercy for the tech giant even on the day of Apple's earnings this time -- FBI are wondering whether the company has enough -- to go the distance. Earlier FBI are reduced its price target for the already battered stock. From 725. Dollars a share down to 675. Wall Street's median price target. 745 dollars at BR says it is worried about the possibility of iphones and ipads being undercut by cheaper rivals. The bank is reducing its full year profit outlook. Two and earnings per share of 5424. From 5567. It's a very different story from Google -- O five and analysts are coming that would bullish calls in the company's stock after postage strong results Jeffries is one with the biggest price target at 875. Dollars per share. Brokers are pointing to improvement and who -- improved cost per click ratio which is how much advertisers and be on the top online search company. CBC declined 6% from from a year earlier but that's a big improvement over third quarter slide 15%. Google is one of the biggest gainers on the NASDAQ it's up 6% so far today. And speaking of which it's time for soaring -- that's our look at market movers. Leading up is a ND it sounds like it's right out of the -- will but the S&P 500 Biggest Loser of 2012. Is up and posting about 10% increase after reporting a smaller than expected loss. For the fourth quarter. Its results were helped out. By higher priced desktop chips. The Biggest Loser of the day so far that's Motorola solutions down about 1% it had better than expected result -- -- growth. In its government business which slowed down after the end of the key contract. Now before we go on and take on the big names battling for -- in my tactic. Microsoft wants to get involved with private equity firms over lakes attempted by double boss Steve Ballmer should take Microsoft and step away from the table the PC market is already declining Smartphones probably the future. Really doesn't make sense for Ballmer to go buying into declining business and this might sound crazy or Microsoft should do is -- a little bit more like Research in Motion. Why we're suggest that the company -- license out its software to a one time competitors. That's protect would be this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT ERS equity. I'm John Marino this --

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Techquity: Apple shares set for a huge swing

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 02:57

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