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3XSQ: Apple set for a big fall

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 04:20

Jan 24 - Apple expected to suffer big drop after falling more than $50 in the pre-market. The company reported lackluster earnings.

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To Times Square this Thursday from Reuters world headquarters in New York let's get right to what that talk a Wall Street this morning apple. After -- -- revenue expectation at iPhone shipments came in lower anticipated. -- you can see it's down right around 459. Right now. Fourteen brokerages cut their price target the average. Cut 102. Bucks to 599. Jeffries with the most dramatic change. Dropping the stock to hold from buy and slashing its price target. From 800 dollars to 500 -- Also this morning and good and -- she really chances later in the show. Dow components cast -- -- -- -- an apple the maker of post it notes and film used on TV screens reported a profit that matched expectations. On sales that exceeded forecasts. The company is sticking to its profit forecast for 2013. Shares trading near 52 week high. -- icons post it note to self. Well fun. The activist investor our power player of the today and shares of Netflix sort. After the video streaming company posting it puts it it's a really strong quarterly profit. I -- purchased a 10% stake in the company back in September is now asking if I -- shares. Increased by more than 445. Million dollars to nearly 769. Million. I thought once said he thought Netflix as a great acquisition for a number of companies adding. I don't really -- I haven't been in movies and six months I watch everything on TV. Shares vaulting over there 52 week high of 13343. Netflix storing our daily digit sinking its 330000. A number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits. That's the lowest since the early days of the 2007 to 2009 recession. Claims declined for two straight weeks though economists point out they tend to be volatile time of year. The four week moving average -- to its lowest level in nearly five years. Jobs improvement in the US. But not at one large European Bank RJ -- Ebert joins us from London with that story to any more job cuts over there on the way. Looks like kit Lisa the -- continues to be slung across the European banking industry today. It's published by -- on -- second biggest lender said it plans to cut up to 12% staff by 2016 of course trying to. Slash costs and that it just takes up by trying to divide us retail business. About 12% is between 4006000. Full time jobs. Like all other European banks. Come on buying things that tried to struggle with low interest rates and rising costs from that type -- -- regulation. I'm extremely impressed a best clients and the rest of us and vitamin fight the crisis. But this comes on the same day that we had that Japanese economy the real economy if if it might not -- financial site. Is picking up quite nicely December up your minds rising sharply. Suggesting -- naval escape recession. And the fact seems to be counting the eurozone entirely on its own shoulders all by itself so Latin. Two different sites of the German point today but Lisa I Danny thanks so much. And finally -- cold flat and -- in the UK is no monkey business maybe it is. Kim at the whales ape and monkey sanctuary are keeping our -- wrapping themselves in blankets and drinking hot -- how burying them. It's no wonder as most are more accustomed -- heat of rainforest when in the wild. Monkey used to living indoors from our -- wants about climate at her blanket. -- that during the rainy season she insists on wearing nothing but burglaries. That is the latest Rick I was witness Thursday you could follow us on Twitter at let it inside -- get more city does everybody -- dot com. Slash writers TV I was burned cars it is writers. And maybe you look at Apple's stock.

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3XSQ: Apple set for a big fall

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 04:20

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