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DAVOS 2013: ECB needs to be more like the Fed and BOJ

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 02:38

Jan. 24 - The ECB should start behaving like an independent central bank and do the right thing to rescue the euro zone economy

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And so are heading back up the famous -- solved Whitney is Barry -- -- -- professor of economics. And political science University of California. Virtually -- great to have you -- -- shutout trump. It's a new feature for -- has -- -- the result with a very good program. It's the most news EI guess some unlimited QE2 percent inflation target are you confident that commitment. Well I'm confident that. This is what this does Japanese economy needs. The BOJ committed only -- expanded asset purchases sometime in the future so they haven't told us what they're gonna do now. To have that higher inflation target all right I'm gonna jump around Europe last year when we spoke you million dollars to a very critical of Merkel in Germany is it fair to say that ma called and drugging and as saviors of the -- It's too early to tell what do you wanna see ECB didn't. I think I would like to see the ECB's. He's in the manner of the best in the BOJ case. It's a little bit more time -- that have been the trend appears well it gets an independent Central Bank watched independence war and yes that's for doing the right thank you for us -- essential thanks for -- message independent. I would I worry about political pressure on supplements but central banks are the only adult in the room happening need to. Act like it that's all about offense this news that we're gonna get maybe a full month exemption on the debt ceiling. And as -- -- -- -- Goran. It's are not to be cynical and it's pretty certain that we'll have another big debt ceiling for -- and learning and once I got to do the victory of the global economy. It's that political noise is always bad for investment in the US and airport for the global economy it'll make a big difference. If we -- back. Failed to raise the debt ceiling of the region which I hope will be awarded again what it's just finish up with -- doubles who you talking to what do you hope to achieve what are you most excited about it here. Well I would like to hear more and more specifics about banking reform there's talk him you're down. Better separation of commercial and investment banking there's talk about securities transactions. There's been a lot of talk for five years now about financial. I want to hear more specifics how did you thing as a godsend. We're getting a little bit complacent about regulation and -- failing America. Failure is too strong but the banks -- powerful political lobby -- Politicians' -- plus Ferris State treasurer heavy on the -- all right thank you for the track.

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DAVOS 2013: ECB needs to be more like the Fed and BOJ

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 02:38

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