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Israeli FinMin: Deficit pressure could force defense cuts

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 05:14

Jan. 28 - Israel's defense spending could be lowered 'modestly' over two years as the country tackles a $10.5 bln budget hole, according to Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz.

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still trying to put together a working coalition after his party's narrow win in the polls recently. For more iron to talk with the finance minister of Israel -- -- welcome good to have you here. That is so there's work to be done to put the coalition government together how difficult will that be and how much -- economic policy. He's changed with the new government. Felt they think it's quite possible to establish a stable and so equally -- as and and you know good people. Problems though we lost some seats unfortunately. That is that's a politically and then you know he's going to have full won't use. As Israeli prime minister and hopefully things that formation of the quotations. We would be fast. Came. In and day in schools. -- as we go loses sickened the issue I exit the business so. Live at visible from the courtroom we'll split the vehicles those who have booked it. -- -- did. And their keyboards. Hopefully stick it Scioscia at least people -- -- -- -- just that label the they wanted to successful called one -- of justice that wanted police picks about the -- Speech revealed on on companies and him can be -- relations. Didn't gain any. Extra seats. And -- Maine who and you parties. Feeds central. -- -- -- -- -- in its Jewish household that other him. Speaking and they need to -- duck session on the -- me. To be -- because -- is raising tax. And like I -- like us the -- That type Julio Ortiz and I plea deal with -- they think over the evening is live and it's what. Equivalent Eagles and job creation. Multiple opens it almost in the news is that the biggest economic challenge facing answer right now. Yeah like that whistle to whistle slope. You know when I was a foot of the -- and -- at the beginning now off the second quarter or something nine. We pizza for negative economy -- almost. Mindlessly sent him an improvement was close to that Wilson I -- rifles. Since then since the beginning of the cells than pin -- these people will. We. Number one -- uncles and that was well hopefuls seasonable. And we know. And number one financial condition -- -- to create its 360 -- -- angels which is critical -- is and peacefully console full Selena fields. And we'd be diminished with its unemployment. And those that the crisis secrets. Multiple companies and the anticipation of that label. It went up dramatically. Including me in the mainly. Is clearly. And would go to books jewels. That windfalls offense I think reasonable market. But of course would be very eager and -- we have to be. Pretty keen on keeping disease. Significant clinical samples which. Is the growth going to be strong enough plus taxes that were already in acted. Supply of the deficit in the budget going forward or is -- a chance that additional revenues will be needed. I hope no look I think that yielded to some angels in line counts and you -- -- deficit dug for themselves and so -- So people sent in DOC is about -- glued to meet it. And we all live. We we aren't satisfied. Formed -- fact. And they've that if it's put so that was forceful and pulls it. Leads Beatles some other western countries but -- -- We feel that it is -- an easy vote. And this is on the web. And we shouldn't forget it -- -- -- In mind if you maybe until he was subsequently. That he's managed to -- that the culture to GDP. In the last years. Is there any possibility that defense spending will be raised in the next budget. You know. It's too early to say it takes the exit to -- it might go. In opposite image. It. We might it makes them. We'll do it isn't -- Cuts. Peacefully you know who sole difference. Let me get Steve politically and just rest obviously government's qualities humans then we're. Have to decide about that makes it Israeli finance ministry of health science thanks much for your time. Thank you. I -- that this is writers.

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Israeli FinMin: Deficit pressure could force defense cuts

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 05:14

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