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3XSQ: Apple announces new version of the 4G iPad

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 03:36

Jan 29 - Apple announced a 128 gigabyte version of the fourth generation tablet with Retina display.

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What's different Times Square just Tuesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Apple is coming out with a new product no it's not a TV or cheaper iPhone. It's an iPad with more storage. Company announced it 128. Gigabyte version of the fourth generation tablet with Retina Display. That's twice the capacity of its largest version already on the market. The new product costs 799. Bucks and come next week. Apple is going after business customers highlighting the ability of an iPad to help architects storm more drawings. And doctors to review more X rays. Shares of the struggling tech giant rose to 454 in the premarket and are now about 450. Who is hanging tough. Auto maker predicting profit in 2013 that would match that 2012. It sees sales growth in North America offsetting more weakness in Europe. For the fourth quarter Ford posted a profit that group -- -- billion dollars from the same quarter a year earlier. Who is also looking to stabilize its business new CEO Emerson mayor forecasting a slight gain in revenue for the current year. It isn't a sales increase of 4% in the fourth quarter profit that topped expectations. However weakness in its display advertising business concerns some analysts. Mayor attributed this last activity by visitors are less activity by visitors popular web sites. Yeah may be coming from the -- a JC Penney shoppers. As CEO Ron Johnson does the U turn saying he'll bring back targeted discounts to the struggling retailer. New York Post also reporting that Johnson former apple retail she is Martha Stewart's name off. Items and it legal tussle with Macy's. Make these claims do pony violates its own deal with the domestic -- The post office at Johnson has been scrambling in the department as recent deals with Michael Graves and both of them have flopped said one -- exact -- -- thinks he understands and category but his knowledge is about fifteen years old. More fashion news this one dating back to design from 1762. News. -- -- -- Freddie out is getting a facelift courtesy at my house Andy and its artistic director Karl Lagerfeld. The luxury brand is picking up the tab 2.2 million euros or about two point nine million bucks. Restoration will move house deposits clean statues six weeks installed on electric works. And at new barriers to keep the pigeons away. But turns need not worry they can toss coins -- the base and while the work's been done. And may now these are not storm clouds. Huge flocks of synchronized startling -- a tiny birds adorned the skies of southern Israel. Onlookers flocked to get -- -- parents of the rare phenomenon called liberation. The synchronized movement is aimed at helping experts by. And creating defense mechanism against birds play. Which rarely attack big blocks. They display last -- -- it. Works there. That is the latest on this Tuesday you can follow us on Twitter at -- inside and get more applicants dot com slash flipped it. I -- it's very hard it is.

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3XSQ: Apple announces new version of the 4G iPad

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 03:36

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