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3XSQ: GDP contracts 0.1% on tepid inventories

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 03:42

Jan 30 - The economy unexpectedly contracted in the fourth quarter, suffering its first decline since the recession ended more than three years ago.

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To three Times Square this Wednesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. -- saw this coming our daily did hit minus 110 of 1%. The advance figure on fourth quarter US GDP. Yes to -- it was big gain of one point 1%. In fact the lowest prediction of 93 gathered by Reuters with a gain of two tents. A slowdown in businesses restocking inventories and a drop in government spending the main culprits consumer spending rose more than 2%. In victory and defeat for apple a federal judge has rejected its attempt to raise the damages in the case against Samsung. In August the Korean company was ordered to pay more than a billion dollars for infringing some of Apple's patents. In denying Apple's request the judge ruled it did not show how it has been under compensated for losses -- suffered. But apple did convince the US Patent and Trademark Office to grant its request for trademarks -- its designs. -- quote clear glass storefronts surrounded by at the side. And quote oblong table with stools. You know well. Battery issue batteries for blowing the airplane maker has posted a better than expected profit and said it's 2013 forecast quote assumes no significant financial impact. From the grounding its 787 dreamliner by regulators. Safety agencies in the US and Japan are investigating who -- lithium ion batteries to burn on two planes earlier this month. A strong quarter for Chrysler the auto maker posting a nearly 70% -- -- net income driven by higher sales in North America. CEO Sergio Marchionne bringing more Italian flair to the firm. It's updated product plan includes the introduction of more Fiat and Alfa Romeo models than originally expected. Not on May have just that between herbal like an activist investor bill Ackerman has entered a new domain. Three of them in fact. In response to act and calling the company a pyramid scheme. Life has gobbled up. The real bill acme dot com bill acme dot net and be real men dot net reports the New York Post. It's all part of this search engines smack down at act and paint add. That's about Herbalife dot com in which he makes his case against the company has Google search rankings about the company. Bill -- dot com is already taken. Not by the hedge fund tycoon but I -- Illinois who hopes to sell a name for ten grand in an auction that ends February 17. Latins has no plans to buy it by the way. -- finally. Some and in Japan Arctic and their love for their wives. -- -- -- Eyes dead. That. The -- The. It's all heart hi all I watch it day in Japan what they need a special day for that. Any kind of beware of modesty normally rules -- got a jump on Valentine's Day by US public is split into action. And if they're not heart warming I just don't know what is. We'll let the latest entry I was where it is Wednesday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider -- get -- -- at -- dot com slash -- TV. I mean submerged part this is it.

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3XSQ: GDP contracts 0.1% on tepid inventories

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 03:42

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