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Europe Day Ahead: U.S. Non-farm payrolls to rise?

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 02:46

Jan. 31 - A look ahead to the key events on Friday 1st February: Non-farm payrolls and PMIs, more bad news expected for euro zone jobs & earnings season continues with Spanish bank, BBVA.

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Unemployment seen rising in the eurozone. On -- ties to European stocks -- the -- season continues. Those stories coming up later not look ahead to Friday's key political and financial offense but fast US nonfarm payrolls out tomorrow. That's seen rising by modest but steady 160000. In January. Compared with 155000. In December. January manufacturing PMI is out tomorrow with the Euro zone -- Germany seen holding steady. Full costs -- down for the UK though it 51 point zero compared to 51 point five last month. In outings investors watching closely as Spain's second largest and a BB PA reports its results for 2012. Rival banks sometimes have missed expectations today blaming continuing exposure to Spain's real estate crash. Other names reporting include BT and electric logs bolts of companies missing expectations this earnings season. Adjusted -- -- it starts at seven investment management says European stocks are still a good play in the media -- What you'll see Schultz is -- pull back considering the great bull -- we've had the -- boots and a successful profit taking -- as you and you'll come towards the end of the taxi. But often that's I would still suggest is going to be some growth in the and some proper valuation. The trouble is the valuation of it had so far will the economic some dates -- they need to back that up and if they don't back us up that's when you'll see that weakness. You're resident inflation full cost to remain at 2.2 percent while December unemployment for the currency bloc is predicted at eleven point 9%. That's up north point 1% on the fence pickets. I'm more bad news on the jobs front likely in Italy unemployment as expected to rise when December's figures are released tomorrow. It's predicted that eleven point 2% compared with eleven point 1% -- and unrest in Egypt is expected to escalate tomorrow on the fast on the mystery of the ports played football riots when 74 people died. The latest Reuters reports count 52 deaths since violence erupted across the country late last week. As demonstrators marking two years since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. About a hand. Many of the fatalities come from -- site. The protests exacerbated by a court ruling sentencing 21 people to death for that role in the bombing clashes between rival football funds -- yet. And stays after being re sworn into office US vice president Joseph Biden arrives in -- to meet and Angela Merkel as he begins his European tour. He'll also be speaking on the Arab Spring of the Munich Security Conference. Well that's how look ahead to Friday I'm Nigel Stephenson and this is Reuters.

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Europe Day Ahead: U.S. Non-farm payrolls to rise?

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 02:46

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