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Reuters Asks: Are we in a global “currency war”?

Friday, February 01, 2013 - 01:46

Feb. 1 - A lot of talk has bubbled up once again on “currency wars”. But are we in one? And if so, which currencies will be the big winners and losers?

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Yeah. Absolutely we have been for some time one of the biggest winners high -- He's gonna see their currency appreciate is the US I would say that we've been in -- a world of of some mistake for me IP is under attack. I would say after that the Paris and Wimbledon Central Bank with the vaguest amount of ammunition is that I need to win that was that was being patented the Fed. The -- is going to be the -- -- -- -- because people are returning Jordan's. Two of the Euro zone of the Euro -- -- -- -- articulate probably won't know what it over the currency. The Donna is definitely having a strong claimants. Also I mean here -- and it's not -- protectionism say about is having a very strong rally as a -- And we're expecting that Cheney continuing. For the time day I think if you look at say the dollar against somebody emerging market currencies get a shot into the busy -- off the dollar is. Seeing as its currency we can and the Fed would not be -- -- displeased about about it. They have their various. Other Central -- -- some people claiming that Japan off on the forefront of this so cool. C rule doesn't say seems a little bit disingenuous for those people who of course. Historically. Been and they even in the policy it has been taking me undertakings policies. That I'm being -- their own currencies. Is there and parents and -- I think it remains to be saying. How -- -- -- is that their -- is in the habit of protectionism happening.

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Reuters Asks: Are we in a global “currency war”?

Friday, February 01, 2013 - 01:46

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