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Techquity: Dude got Dell, Amazon coin, Apple value

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 - 03:19

Feb 5 - Dell goes private, Amazon's currency play and Goldman cites Apple's potential upside.

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Do god to help restore the best of the rest today. Also -- Dell is going private. Founder Michael -- leading a group of investors including silver lake partners and Microsoft in the deal the 24 point four billion dollar agreement. We'll give the PC company the chance to transform itself away from the prying eyes of shareholders an analyst. It works -- -- thirteen 65 a share well below were traded a year ago. This five year chart it really says at all it shows gallon rival Hewlett-Packard at the bottom an arm holdings at the top. The maker of chips for tablets and Smartphones and you multiyear high while the PC makers struggle. Michael Dell admitted he didn't see the mobile computing -- approaching. What -- to -- 2011 by the Wall Street Journal what surprised him the most about evolution in the tech industry he said. I'd say the rapid rise of the tablet I did it completely see that coming. HP hasn't capitalize on the tablet business either but it is capitalizing on the chance to take a shot it down in a statement it said. The company faces an extended period of uncertainty and transition though not be good for its customers. Now the significant debt load Dell's ability to invest in new products and services will be extremely limited. Not an -- leaders we caller four horsemen of the Internet. Don't be surprised to get some free money from Amazon. The only retailer will give away tens of millions of dollars worth of weak points to customers and they -- the launch of the new virtual currency called Amazon point. It's think giving developers apps and games a new way to make money. Our Amazon's Kindle fire -- users will now have the option of using these points or credit cards. To buy apps games and items within the apps on the Kindle fire. The virtual currency can encourage more users to buy apps thereby encouraging more developers design apps for the Kindle fire. Amazon's stock earlier add as much as seven dollars and nineteen cents on the news or make that 790 Amazon -- as one point is worth -- -- If you're looking to make some point you might consider apple Goldman Sachs points out the stock as the biggest potential upside of equities -- covers. Report from US chief equity strategist David constant found apple needs to jump nearly 45%. Hit a price target of the firm's analyst who covers it. This was as of the end of January. Goodyear was second with a potential rise 38% followed by Prudential Financial applied materials and Joy Global. Hackett did business insider for pointing this apple shares are up 3% today I had -- 1% gain on the net. In a movers today -- company's outlook for earnings soaring as computer sciences. The IT services company posting a profit that beat expectations and raising its when he thirteen -- shares up more than 10% at 52 week high and sputtering. Is -- do. The Chinese search engine reported its lowest profit growth since 2009. As competition heats up shares down more than 10%. And I kept putting this Tuesday -- have been involved would have RT -- equity. I'm Fred Katayama and this is what you.

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Techquity: Dude got Dell, Amazon coin, Apple value

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 - 03:19

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