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U.S. Day Ahead: Expect a key update in the Dreamliner saga

Thursday, February 07, 2013 - 03:01

Feb. 6 - The National Transportation Safety Board is holding a news conference and says it has new information about the battery fire that lead to the grounding of 50 of Boeing's 787s.

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Look at the latest update in the dreamliner -- -- rightly -- hold a news conference in Washington DC at 11 AM eastern. Transportation safety board says it has -- new information about the battery fire that led to the grounding of fifteen Boeing 787. We know that this battery caught fire mostly -- ourselves but we don't know why -- know it was a short circuit you know there was a virus better than we don't know what. And because we don't know what happens and -- that can fly. The navy's been doing testing the government's doing cat scans. Whatever they conducive to figure out why it caught fire and how they can prevent. Which is crucial because it's already cost airlines tens of millions of dollars and with -- -- out of work. -- the investigations continue billion shares are down over Q percent since January with the regulator that maybe they are still weeks away. From completing their probe. And have the NTSB news conference live on insider. Instead of one at this year's hottest tech stocks reports after the close that investors want to know if it can continue its stellar -- Its shares are up over 55% in the last twelve months outperforming the -- 9%. Gain profits are set to grow as a recently signed up over 200 million users can key will be how Lincoln -- to keep its customers. The real question that I think savvy investors will be looking at is whether the number of page views as continue to -- which it has for the past three consecutive. Of course -- now that numbers housing that although they're gaining new users. Really fast pace these people are spending less time on the side they're less engaged or less receptive. It's huge advertising and other means that means it makes its money. New York Times shareholders will want to know how new boss Mark Thompson can turn around the company when it reports earnings. Profits are estimated to fall from a year ago -- advertising revenues that to remain sluggish. Quarter one analyst said it -- -- parable. It -- dropped 11%. Thompson will be out about a -- in the owner tells her family haven't seen one since 2009. By the company sitting on one billion dollars of cash. It might help the share price the time is down 4% since the start of year. You're big economic got to focus on is first time jobless claims I -- part has claimed -- settled down to week two week low of 360000. After the ball to holiday season. It's another sign the job market is treading water here danger did it is anything over 370000. Though. That could be tax -- are taking a bigger chunk out of economic growth. -- -- on Twitter border and tighter and get more of our video that Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. We have an interview with Colorado's attorney general John others on the government's five billion dollar lawsuit against -- and he. Find out why the ratings agency could be -- even hotter water than initially thought. I'm putting mom this is greater.

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U.S. Day Ahead: Expect a key update in the Dreamliner saga

Thursday, February 07, 2013 - 03:01

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