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Breakingviews: Gray Lady blues

Thursday, February 07, 2013 - 02:54

Feb 7 - Antony Currie and Breakingviews columnists discuss why the New York Times needs to halt the decline in advertising revenue as well as boosting subscriptions – and why new boss Mark Thompson may not be best placed to do it.

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Shell was in new York times company have already excited about a shares are up every 10% this morning on earnings. The biggest -- it seems is that subscriptions are up 16% and is given to get this and did not -- a shoulder than uses it as an. Not as exciting. You know essentially innocent digital subscriptions are kind of fuel in circulation and her up but again courses -- this quirk of an extra week. It's the fourth quarter run that kind of makes the numbers of -- look better. If you strip that out. Subscription revenues only up about eight a little more than 8% think the ad revenues continue to decline and again -- this continues to have problems for the New York Times for. For newspaper and Jack -- and we've just seen the secular decline. And the quarter before he really start to start to pick up a little bit and basically what we're saying is what we're at the same story they're expecting more -- -- -- first runner. So that's is that what you say -- down I think he's an 8% send them off stripping out but allowing fly extra exactly okay. I'm Richard -- -- -- -- seen this before and builds his -- love -- -- go up but what you see is gonna happen next and as the company looks. Let's say channels like typical new CEOs just come in right despite that the ten. As a stand is that it is a question that people would have about the -- most folks and used to run the BBC up in the UK. You know his circulation is -- -- great ad sales of the problem right -- you if circulation continues to go up then you can eventually little speculation but defense sales continue to get down let's -- -- -- continual setting -- the revenue from the just kind of similar yes so it's completely -- city tell us. And BBC great circulation great appeal in the UK Britain. And it's let's try it they didn't give me a little bit Chad the incidental that you Americas division when -- -- bit right doubles in the room gets on as if he's got. The experience necessarily here at times and you know anybody else and print journalism they're trying to find that an -- secret formula right that's gonna replace this whole business model that is basically. Clinton signs I don't know that's right facilities company isn't necessarily in this -- just the times yeah than the regular diets that if you can't. Find a way to replace the left. Most revenue -- go over the limit the time is doing a little bit the circulation which is great but it you have to believe there's a limit to -- did you have a sense of whether it might be. Yeah I mean as you know who -- -- because -- right now we're seeing and this I think it's been a little over a year that has this this paper already too. What you need from promoting it which is also -- right but do you know against -- You know there's a natural. Point at which you can still get more subscribers -- our -- and I guess they could look to international subscribers -- -- but -- -- -- -- be rest your swing that way. Very wealthy antagonism Richard debacles we wish to New York Times well as generous the better they do the better we feel about yourself. But we've gotten more breaking -- tomorrow.

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Breakingviews: Gray Lady blues

Thursday, February 07, 2013 - 02:54

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