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U.S. Day Ahead: With or without Einhorn, Apple eyes giveaway

Friday, February 08, 2013 - 02:08

Feb. 7 - Keep an eye on Apple after it said it would look at David Einhorn's proposal to issue preferred stock. That sent its shares surging three percent at the close.

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Keep an eye on apple after that it would look at David -- proposal to issue preferred stock. Earlier on Thursday the head and -- that companies should give investors a bigger chunk of its 137. Million dollar balance. Apple's battered shares surged 3% at the close out -- revealed it's been an active discussions about returning more cash to shareholders. What I want to -- too. Former tech titan. A lot of great earnings and shareholders want to know if they can continue its stellar -- and it's not over 70%. In the last twelve months after selling one billion dollar at the patents to Microsoft. Buying back 600 million dollars of stock. And issuing a special dividend. Profits are set to grow but pay attention to went CEO Tim Armstrong's bad about it ad sales on web pages. Favored by big brands last quarter sales fell by 3% severely lagging who will hands and feet. Pretty investors will have some questions from box Raymond McDaniel when the company reports results. Its shares have tumbled 18% average since the government launched a five billion dollar lawsuit against its competitor at some key. The ratings agency is accused of inflating mortgage securities during the financial crisis. Pretty hasn't been implicated -- britney's team says she will be event has talked to the so apparently hasn't made any public statement. Your big sky is the trade deficit IFR said it is set to shrink to about 45 billion dollars in December thinks she's stronger export growth. But if you -- better than expected that could boost GDP figures back into the black. Remember their economy shrunk by 110 of a percent in the fourth quarter. We'll catch up on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more of our great video that Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. How stars can make a fortune but they can also flame out and lose that Brady -- So could this happen like tiny little plan for their financial future investing 201 -- lose some differently at night. I'm put -- on this as writers.

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U.S. Day Ahead: With or without Einhorn, Apple eyes giveaway

Friday, February 08, 2013 - 02:08

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