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3XSQ: Trade deficit narrows sharply, points to stronger GDP

Friday, February 08, 2013 - 04:02

Feb 8 - The U.S. trade deficit shrank in December to its narrowest in nearly three years, suggesting the economy did much better in the fourth quarter.

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The three Times Square this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Fourth quarter and you -- wasn't as bad as initially reported. Our daily digit minus 38 point five billion dollars the US trade deficit in December that's the narrowest in nearly three years. The report came out this morning well after the government had to estimate the figure. For the first report on fourth quarter GDP. The better than expected number means the next revision of the GDP report could get a bump from the decline of the 110 of 1% figure they came out last week. The improvement coming apart from higher exports of petroleum which -- grown as a result of fracking activity across the US. From better than expected to worse than expected -- posting a nearly 2% decline in same store sales in January nearly double the drop predicted. The US the only region to experience growth. Sales in Europe hurt by weakness in France and Germany while sales in Asia suffered from poor results in Japan and China. Eight different sales story at 80 well home of our power player of the day. It's CEO Tim Armstrong who led the Internet firm to its best revenue growth in eight years. Advertising sales jumped 13%. Helping the firm become less dependent on its dial up service yes it's still has -- dial up service. Net income rose more than 50%. AOL can hole only they can get back to the height reached by Linkedin. Revenue at the professional social network rose 81%. From a year ago the company also offered bullish forecast for the first quarter. Gross margins at link did approached 90%. In other online news. Bill finding new -- Busy -- game is reportedly being made into an animated TV show by director Brett Ratner and Canadian production company 611 media. Rather than man behind the rush hour film franchise as well as X-Men the last stand known network attached yet. They are reported an unexpected fourth quarter profit this week largely due to cost cuts perhaps -- farm bill auction will reap rewards. They dreamed a dream of defending their homeland but their life is one of snow shoveling imported love. At least -- at parity of limits -- jobless starring members of the South Korean military. Take a -- Yeah. It's hard. The opera style video -- it throughout those that was made by -- conscripts for 900 bucks and -- over a million views on YouTube in just three days. Raising hopes that could be on the way to gangland style status the parity tells the story with constantly on the Amazon or an Iron Man 24601. Who because of the shoveling it manages to spend only ten minutes with his visiting girlfriend cassette. She dumps him the fate his comment to shore him up any military men. And finally a check in Tokyo with -- dirty little secret. For the past three weeks he's been cooking up so well and feeding it to its customers in 86 course meal. And help pay for this earthly cuisine 107 US Bucs ahead. Why so well in the -- -- kept pushing it to not a quote man didn't create the CD error the soil simply all part of nature and in the sense they are alive -- own right. What I'm trying to do is reflect that feeling in food. This six course extravaganza starts with its oil sit and ends with its sales or day and it's sweet dirt Groton. That is the latest entry fronts where this Friday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more -- his videos at -- dot com slash players TVs. Bernhard this.

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3XSQ: Trade deficit narrows sharply, points to stronger GDP

Friday, February 08, 2013 - 04:02

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