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Techquity: LinkedIn is boring but stellar

Saturday, February 09, 2013 - 03:02

Feb 8 - Reuters Breakingviews Columnist Rob Cyran likes LinkedIn but isn't enthralled by its products. He also gives his take on OpenTable and others tech names.

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Explore -- stellar business were talking about Linkedin. I think only unemployed early and it's asking excited about social networking for work. That's an awesome businesses most recently quarterly results show stocks up almost 20% today. It means going back 80% per year however all through the company's businesses are growing fast more people during network but here and abroad. So employers want a place more jobless things in Ellington. People were willing to pay up for premium services and advertisers paying to retell his eyeballs. Stocks wildly expensive and more than a hundred times earnings growth isn't gonna -- times in the problem company will probably grow to its valuation. -- online service that performing well as Opentable. Restaurant reservations company posted sales and profit that topped estimates. It also give forecasts -- 2013 that's roughly in line analysts. A third of bookings through Opentable are now taking place in mobile devices percentage expected to grow especially if it's at its integrated Apple's Siri. It's also trying to broaden its offerings. Last month Opentable food spotting which is an app for finding and sharing great dishes at restaurants and diners can also write reviews in the site about the restaurant they visit. That's because Opentable needs to diversified stay competitive Yelp and Google come -- the business any time. And -- that the go to source reviews of -- good reviews is jackets and maps among other relevant services. Shares of Opentable -- up nearly 3% about fifty bucks. Another company involved with Apple's series Nuance Communications. That's are sputtering stock today. The voice recognition company provides some of the technology behind the apple program. But as the quarterly earnings show the really really core business. Sure revenue grew 20% but much the growth comes from acquisitions. Just try and figure out what the company's real growth rate is that I am today I can't. Moreover the company lost 22 million in the quarter according to standard accounting. Perhaps that's why the company tells investors to focus on its own version of profit ignores lots of bad stuff like the cost of issuing stock to executives. They're figures says he -- making a 113 nine. Investors are buying stocks down almost 20% today. I wouldn't touch stuck. Are certain stock today whoever takes the opposite approach to counting the conservative one. Activision Blizzard is forecasting a profit twice thirteen at eighty cents a share that's below the 96 cents analysts expected. Analysts say however the company has a history of lowering expectations and then beating them. This comes after Activision call of duty game -- a blockbuster holiday sales profit was also struck. This despite the continued threat of mobile games which cost a fraction of the price of games Activision makes for console like the Xbox. Shares of Activision have more than 10%. To 52 week high thirteen 94. And that's -- remember you can follow us on quarter art -- technique. I'm rob -- and this is right.

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Techquity: LinkedIn is boring but stellar

Saturday, February 09, 2013 - 03:02

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