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Techquity: No love for Apple, "Wedding Crashers" vs. Google

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 03:40

Feb 14 - More hedge funds dump Apple while Google prepares to take center stage later this year.

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A lot of love for apple this Valentine's Day. More hedge funds reporting they have dumped their shares Jana partners and Carolina's capital the latest to disclose they sold out of the struggling company by the end -- last year. Each had about a 135000. Shares which are worth about eighty million dollars. Think you mean fourth quarter prize of 509 dollars 52 cents a share. -- government Omega advisors disclose it closed out its apple position yesterday. Government puts on his money into FaceBook. The revelations come as apple faces another fight this time with Brazil. Apple requesting a review of the decision by Brazil's copyright regulating. To strip it of the right to iPhone trademark there local firm claimed it had the rights of the name. Apple though getting about time -- -- and which -- I've had many still all of its employees after its stellar results shares today up fractionally at around 470 dollars. In our best of the rest today Blackberry which also suffered a high profile fail. Former CEO Jim -- sold his entire state according to regulatory filing today he would help 5% of the company. No word on how much you pay for a stop but. He's 26 point eight million shares were worth roughly 400 million dollars as of year in 2011. When -- treated just shy of fifteen dollars a share he resigned a year ago. The stock initially fell as much as 9% on the news but this is strongly rebounded it's now up more than 6%. The stock had rallied sharply in the fourth quarter but it's stalled since it released its new files. While the real estate market shows signs of growth the online real estate business is booming. Still posting a 73%. Jump in quarterly revenue while competitor truly is sales leapt 75%. Dole's website also -- -- busiest month ever in January it added nearly 3000 real estate agents is paying customers its stock is up more than 10%. In -- 52 week high of 4785. -- rising another 6% today after closing nearly 20% higher Wednesday. Time now for a look at other movers soaring as. It also beat earnings expectations in the most recent quarter shares up more than 10%. And sputtering Stamps.Com. Which lets users print postage from a computer -- forecast full year earnings below forecast. After posting better than expected results in the most recent quarter shares down more than 15%. And Andy when our Valentine's theme no -- crashes are crashing the campus and Google Talk. This topic. Not a job job it's -- interviewed for an internship that could lead twitch and kiss might be the last chance that we cannot. Right -- coming closer look at the details public citizen is accused of how we can see you guys -- you got. Away. On Walter had been on our story has to unemployed salesman become Google's oldest movies in the -- internship. They find out they're not really -- savvy tech wise they spotted a hospital room excuse. -- challenged to debug the code silence as Google's security hasn't been bugging them the film's director says school has been cooperative. FaceBook got it's still a screen based on the social network as -- McCall now -- schools turned the movie by the way comes out engine. That's equity this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT artists equity. I'm Fred Katayama this is world.

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Techquity: No love for Apple, "Wedding Crashers" vs. Google

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 03:40

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