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U.S. Day Ahead: $23 B Heinz deal could shake up food biz

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 02:51

Feb. 14 - Expect lots of questions about potential mergers after Heinz's $23 billion buyout, when Campbell Soup and Smucker report results. Kraft is also out with a financial update.

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Expected 23 billion dollar buyout of -- to shake up the earnings call for Campbell's soup and soccer in the morning. -- comes out with a key financial updates. All three and it higher outperforming the S&P after -- and wreaking major record bid. One Credit Suisse analyst says the deal could spark more heat over. Low borrowing costs are giving private equity a lot of fire power and packaging companies are attractive as they have strong -- Campbell -- apparently is an ideal candidate as it's already. Keep hiding given its family owners -- the analysts speculate one possibility would be as high up with general. Well got ready for another round of Einhorn vs apple hedge funds star is set to issue a formal response to a recent court filing -- the tech titan. Apple describes how -- -- this week company from eliminating its ability to issue preferred shares that will. -- one wants apple to unlock its 137. Billion dollar cash pile stacked. Hearing in the case is scheduled for February 19. Apple shares closed down slightly. This after filing showed hedge funds stars such as. Leon Cooperman and Thomas -- unloaded billions of dollars of Apple's stock in the fourth quarter. Your big fat is the Reuters University of Michigan sentiment index a key measure of consumer confidence. That should rise slightly to 75 according I am far as shoppers get over recent tax hikes. And he did it isn't anything 172 that would be the weakest reading since the end of 2011. And could mean folks are more likely to put a freeze on spending. Quite a bird it's plane no it's that giant asteroid hurtling. To earth. -- -- -- -- -- It's about half the size of a football field but don't tell just yet it's unlikely to collide experts at an asteroid mining company deep space industry. Actually put a price tag on the rock they think it's worth 195. Billion dollars based on its iron nickel and water contact. Good luck getting there they obviously never seen Armageddon. Look at us on Twitter rhetoric and tighter and get more of our great videos on writer dot com slash writers TV. After block showed his taste for catch up and all things -- we dig deeper look at what else the billionaire investor -- is Clinton. I've been working on iron. All the. Look at the heat and -- batter Andy we'll see this. I'm Heidi mom this -- for it.

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U.S. Day Ahead: $23 B Heinz deal could shake up food biz

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 02:51

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